Winter Nail Designs That Have Nothing to Do With Christmas

While we absolutely love to get serious about dressing up for the holidays, there comes a point where….. Enough of that. If you book your manicure appointment and ask for an intricate holiday-themed design on your nails, you’ll basically be stuck until the holiday madness is over (aka long after the novelty is over).
So, if you want to get a little holiday cheer and not see too many holiday cheer options, these nail art ideas are perfect. Not only do they embody the spirit of the festival, but they are also modern and grown up.
Read and screenshot these nail art ideas and take them to your nail technique the next time you’re going to the salon.

The stars seen.
Glittering and dotted with stars? Count us in.

Winter is here.
This marbled nail art is chilling in the best way possible.

Contrasting Tones
Red and green aren’t the only nail colors to try in the winter. The avant-garde yellow and blue combination gives it a homey feel.

Sweet and simple.
Keep it simple with a minimalist palette and pattern.

Winter means parties, and we want to make sure our manicures are ready to party too.

Sweater Weather
Why not pair your nails with your favorite knitted sweater?

We love a good pastel, no matter the season. Don’t you agree?

Don’t you agree?

negative space (math.)
Bonus: This will be the easiest design to maintain after your nails grow out.

Fresh and mint.
The cold hues of mint and silver evoke the holiday chill nicely.

We love this fancy manicure and all the shiny embellishments.

Before the holidays, this design could easily represent a candy cane, but after the holidays, it’s just a bad swirl design.