Why I’m Obsessed With This One-Step Brush?

When it comes to my hair, I am a very casual person. Although I’ve battled acne throughout my teenage and adult life, my hair has always been easy to manage. Usually, I wash my hair a few times a week, add some conditioner or coconut oil, then comb it out and let it air dry. When I go out to dinner with my boyfriend or ask a friend out for drinks, I sometimes wear my hair in curls, but other than that, I let it do its thing naturally.

While the way I treat my hair is partly due to its texture and subtle waves, I also tend to avoid blow drying my hair because it takes a long time. Not to mention, I’m a super prone to overheating, so spending thirty minutes blow drying my hair with steam and making me sweat doesn’t sound appealing. Having said that, I always love the way my hair looks after a fresh trim and a professional blowout. But I always felt it was impossible to achieve the same results at home, so I often disdained it.

After all, how do you hold a round brush and hair dryer? And the patience to keep it steady when it’s dry? No, thanks. But when a friend raved about the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, a $59.99 Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer, I was immediately hooked.

What is it? It’s a hair dryer that basically looks like an oversized brush. While I’ve used Dyson in the past – being at, ahem, a higher price point – this amazing product, IMO, works much better, leaving hair healthier and full of volume. Not to mention: it did it all in record time. So far, it has received nearly 40K reviews on Amazon, creating an impressive 4.8 rating. Personally, I would give it all five stars for the following reasons….

It’s user friendly.
There’s a reason so many people pay for regular blowouts and/or spend an hour a day styling their hair. It wasn’t easy. As many people have learned in social hair loss practices, hairstylists are not only necessary, but also greatly missed.
This tool comes in handy for me because it doesn’t require a professional to figure it out. You can choose from two settings – high or low – and wrap it around a lock of hair, hold it for about 30 seconds, then release it. Honestly, I’ll read my emails while I’m doing this, it’s that simple.

It cuts drying time in half.
No kidding! It took me several times to figure out the best system, but once I figured it out, I could have dry hair within ten minutes. Even better, I don’t need to add any extra steps to my routine – no more straightening or curling my hair if I’m going to meet a friend. While this may not matter to most people, I really appreciate the amount of steam it provides unlike a traditional hair dryer. I never feel like I’m overheating and I end up with a better haircut.

It adds volume.
My mom taught me to turn my hair over when blow drying it to add volume. That’s what I was doing until I started using this tool……. But I usually end up with some curly hair rather than tame hair. Because the rolling motion you make when you blow dry your hair with a single-step brush gives your hair more volume without trying and without thinking.

Create a longer lasting blowout for longer lasting hair!
Hair stylists will remind you that it’s best to wash your hair only two to three times a week for its health. I try to keep this habit going, but sometimes by the third day, my hair starts to look too greasy. Surprisingly, with this heat tool, my hair looked fresh and blow-dried for at least 48 hours – even when I was working out. I just spray a little dry shampoo and I’m good to go. (I’ve even used a one-step brush when my hair is slightly sweaty, and I swear it lifts volume).