Why Coconut Oil Is a Black Chick’s Best Friend?

Lizzo said it best.” I thought I needed to run for love, but all I needed was some coconut oil.” The line comes from “Coconut Oil,” an aptly titled song from her debut solo album. If Lizzo and her wonderful self took the time to name and write a song, then you know it’s important. (Now, if you haven’t heard this song, stop everything and give it a listen, because it’s pure fact! This song is one of Lizzo’s early classics that still rings true today).
Anyway, as Lizzo says, who needs love when you have coconut oil? Coconut oil is really the only thing a black girl needs in her life.
Coconut oil as a poop care product
So that being said, hair prep is the main reason why coconut oil and black girls are a match made in heaven. If you are a natural hair girl like me, you know how difficult it is to keep your hair moisturized. Moving from a humid climate to a more arid desert climate has wreaked havoc on my hair and I never knew how to keep it moisturized. (Trust me, I’ve tried everything).
There was a time when I was convinced I had to cut my hair all the way out because it hated dry heat. Now no matter what I do, the moment I walk out the door, all the moisture evaporates into thin air, making my hair look like a capital C.
Then, I realized that moisturized hair starts on shampoo day. I also realized that my shampoo was stripping my hair of vital oils. To combat this stripping effect, I started pre-pooping (pre-shampoo) with coconut oil and my hair and it made all the difference.
You can use two techniques: the hot oil treatment or the overnight hair bun method. For hot oil care, I was to heat the coconut oil in a small pot and you have to be very careful to make sure the oil doesn’t burn. When the coconut oil is melted, I use it to soak my hair. I use a treatment cap to sit on my hair for 30 minutes and then continue to shampoo as normal.
I did the bun method the night before shampoo day. I take some coconut oil and use it to soak my hair. I cover my head with a processing cap when I go to bed at night, and then wash it as usual in the morning. If you’re experiencing crazy dryness before trying to pre-wash your hair, be prepared to be shaken. This will make your hair feel soft and supple. Just don’t forget to take a deep treatment afterwards to lock in all that moisture.
Coconut oil as an alternative to emulsions
If you have dry skin, then coconut oil could be your savior. Personally, I prefer girls who use shea butter. I’ve found that thicker oils and creams tend to work wonders for my skin. However, there are many good benefits to using coconut oil for your skin too – and many people prefer thinner oils like coconut oil for skin purposes.
The best way to use coconut oil as a moisturizer is to apply it directly to your skin after a bath. Just dip your body in coconut oil and wait to see how soft your skin will feel. One of my ex-boyfriends used coconut oil for his eczema after every shower and it turned out that the eczema was completely fine! So, don’t sleep on coconut oil. It will probably give you the softest skin possible – and I can definitely say that my ex-boyfriend did!
coconut oil
So, this next tip is not just for black girls, but for everyone. Experiencing bad breath? Then, pulling oil might help. Coconut oil has amazing antibacterial properties. The lauric acid in this fatty oil can help fight any harmful microbes that linger in your mouth. (Can I have an amen?)
The best way to pull oil is to put a big chunk of it in your mouth. You put it in your mouth swish for 20 to 30 minutes.  Finally, make sure you gargle with the salt water mixture after boiling it in salt water. In fact, when I was younger, before singing competitions, I used to pull oil and it helped me clear the phlegm from my throat.
It really is a godsend. Other times, does it come in handy? When you’re sick, have a toothache, or have bad breath.