Wellness Influencers That Probably Aren’t on Your Radar Yet

If you’re interested in the wonderful world of health, you probably know the industry of Hannah Bronfman and Amber Phelps Clarkas. While they represent a top source for our favorite health and wellness tips and tricks, there are plenty of incredible health influencers out there that are still flying a bit under the radar – so today, we put the spotlight on them.
If you ask us, that’s one of the best parts of social media platforms. Being able to discover new characters and accounts that you didn’t know before can inspire you. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult to find quality content. So if you don’t have time to scroll through the Gram for hours on end, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve done most of the scrolling or you. In the gallery ahead, you’ll be able to explore the feeds of seven up-and-coming health influencers. (You can thank us later.)
Kaylee Karcher, @kayleekarcher_
The founder of the obsessive everything blog, Kaylee Karcher is a clean living guru from Rhode Island. On her Instagram, you’ll find the most chic (but still totally) wearable looks mixed in with her favorite clean beauty options, as well as tons of food and photos of her adorable dog, Larry. Be sure to check out her story for more health + beauty tips.
Alexandra Wood, @__alexandrawood
This mindful living lady from New York City shares her day-to-day adventures in living a holistic lifestyle. Check out her “grams” to see her main yoga inspiration (sometimes you have to turn your phone around a bit to see how she does these poses! , lots of photos of dogs, book recommendations, recipes, and of course, her business content, the Health Book Club.
Shanna Hutcheson, @wellnessforthewin
Shanna is not just your typical healthy girl…….. Well, she is, but she’s also a registered dietitian based in Kansas City. Her goal is to make it easy for you to live a healthy life through real diet ideas, intuitive eating, and all the best fitness methods and major self-care tips.
Justine Drosdovech, @thewestcoastvegan_
Justine is your go to gal for all things vegan. This registered nurse knows a thing or two (okay, or a lot) about living a vegan lifestyle. Her gorgeous recipe photography is one of our favorite parts of Drosdovech’s feed, but we also can’t help but love her inspirational tips and tricks in the many posts of her selfies.
Katie Gross, @katienicolegross
Not only will you fall in love with Gross’s sparkling personality, but her colorful content makes her an account that gets people to open post notifications. As a yoga teacher and health/wellness coach, Gross lights up the world with her bright and unique outfits, colorful plant-based diet, and inspiring fitness posts.
Abby Cannon, @abbysfoodcourt
Cannon just wants to make the world a better place, you people, she lives a healthy, low-waste, non-toxic lifestyle and she wants to bring you along for the ride. Based in New York, she aims to show her followers that a healthy, environmentally sound lifestyle can be fun and easy (and totally “worth a try”).
Garianne Sheridan, @thepeachyprodigy
Sheridan’s lifestyle makes us want to get rid of every processed food in our cupboards. This bronze, blue-eyed beauty makes drinking water look fun and eating vegetables look like eating gourmet food at your favorite restaurant. Her recipes, self-care tips and real-life experiences feel very close to life. She will be your IG BFF in an instant.