Ways to Wear Modern Art Masterpieces on Your Fingertips

We take nail art very seriously. If you’re as big a fan as we are, you may have noticed abstract nail art having a moment. There’s a reason for that. These colorful designs are a fun way to rock your freedom of expression, literally right at your fingertips. Modern themes tend to utilize geometric shapes, negative space, minimalist designs, vibrant colors, and abstract representations, as well. Sort of almost anything. There are even some amazing nail art ideas that take inspiration directly from famous works of art.
Ahead, we present you some of our favorite abstract nail designs. Try copy ’em yourself, or visit your favorite nail art pro. By the way, because of the free-form nature of these designs, some are actually easier to DIY than you might think. Read on to find out which one is your favorite.
The green leaves of spring
Jade polishes are a refreshing base for abstract petals and minimalist black dots. They’re clean, green and oh so funky.
Exquisite details
These whimsical designs feature an understated, coordinated color palette. We love the mix of lace, white outlines and edgy black abstract dots. They’re cool on their own, and even better together.
Fascinating shape.
Geometric shapes make for a bold, eye-catching statement manicure. Vibrant color options with classic black and white accents.
The tiny Picasso.
Who wouldn’t love to pay homage to the modern face of beloved Spanish artist Pablo Picasso? These minimalist black facial contours are complemented by clean, nude nails.
Mondrian Mani.
These playful patterns in pretty primary colors are an interpretation of classic Mondrian paintings. The small lines and squiggles also give it a fun Tetris-esque vibe.
Not-so-boring nudity.
Naked nails get a modern art twist through a mix of colors and textures. The abstract shapes with contrasting shades evoke a simple yet lovely background palette.
Tiny textures
The fluid shapes and tiny patterns are reminiscent of something you might be peering at under a microscope.
Baby Brushes
Multicolored vests on any outfit due to the many shades. We love the tiny polka dots in them for added texture.
little surprise
Another colorful nail art that slightly reminds us of a rendering of microscopic creatures. This punchy color design is ultra-modern, fun, and definitely worth a try.
Gorgeous geometry
We love the mix and match of solid colored nails with geometric shapes and clean lines. The mix of pink and black is equally feminine and edgy, both of which are fun.
Cute color blocking
The combination of flashy hues with tiny textured accents and negative space is an exciting combination. This is a manicure we’d love to rock on a summer day.
Interesting patterns
A mix of stellar shapes, watercolor brushstrokes and exciting shades make this manicure a work of art. We’re especially obsessed with those delicate brushstrokes.
Watercolor Swirl
Like paint swirling on a canvas, teal, mustard and fuchsia create a vibrant pairing with black and white.
Spicy strokes.
These beautiful shades of blue are a look on the pattern for this candle jar. The colors match so perfectly!
Mod Magic
Inspired by tropical toucans, these abstract designs are colorful, fun, and slightly cartoonish (in a way, we’d love to)! (Swing them any time!) .