Ways to Tame Your Annoying Flyaways

Ever spent hours styling your hair only to find flakes popping out of your head all day? Yes, that’s very annoying. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with frizz, but there are times when you just want a stylish and neat style.
Now, hairspray can sometimes do the trick, but there are times when those frizzy strands are just particularly stubborn. So, what’s a person to do?
Well, when dealing with flyaways, you have to know the cause of your hair and its frizz. It is usually caused by heat damage, split ends, new hair growth, static electricity, dryness and humidity. Once you’ve identified the main problem, you can find a hack or even a long-term solution that will give you a perfect hair day! . To learn more about taming those flyaway hairs, read on!
Trim it off.
Those annoying little flakes can sometimes be caused by splitting. What’s the best way to deal with it? Go trim it. (You don’t need that negativity in your life!) Oh, and don’t worry, you don’t have to chop off all your long hair – a regular trim every six weeks will do the trick to keep your hair healthy! .
Use an excellent hair conditioner
Dry hair is most likely to become frizzy and flyaway. Help it rejuvenate by using an effective moisturizing conditioner. This will make your hair softer, stronger, properly moisturized, and easier to style. You can also add a conditioning mask to your weekly hair care routine for extra nourishment.
Dealing with bifurcations
On the days when you notice breakage but can’t trim it right away, soothe your hair with a split end adhesive. In addition to sealing those split ends, they nourish your hair’s dryness and protect it from further damage.
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Use of hairspray
Humidity can also affect the frizz in your hair, which can lead to frizz and flyaways. So if you live in a humid environment, try using a hair serum that will tame your frizz and smooth out those flyaways! The hair. It will also soften your hair strands and make them look healthier and shinier.
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When styling your hair, a reliable hairspray can help make sure it stays in place throughout the day. Choose to use a lightweight product so it doesn’t weigh your hair down (or make you look wet). Don’t use too much and only spray on areas with flyaways. Use your own hands to direct those rogue hairs by smoothing them out.
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Dry your hair with a microfiber towel
Yes, the type of towel you use to dry your hair after a shower can also affect how it looks. The fluffy bath towel you normally use might feel good on your skin – but it might be too thick for your hair. It’s too textured. It can cause hair tangles, breakage and frizz.
Switch to microfiber bath towels. They’re softer and won’t cause any damage to your hair cuticle. They’re also designed to help your hair dry faster.
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Dryer facing down.
When drying your hair with a blow dryer, don’t just point the dryer at your hair. Here’s a tip: pointing it downward will ensure that your hair dries flatter and straighter. Using one of the poly nozzles will also give you better control over the airflow.
If you’re going to use it to style your hair, use a round brush and do the “roll and pull” method that hair stylists do when they go to the salon.
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Always use thermal protectors.
Never, never use heat styling tools without first applying heat protectant to your hair. It’s better if you don’t use heat to keep your hair healthy when you’re styling your hair. But on days when you only need to blow dry your hair or use a curling iron, use a heat protectant spray. It will protect your hair from damage – which means fewer rogue strands.
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Don’t brush your hair dry.
Hair brushes make it easy to untangle your hair, but they can also give you unwanted frizz, breakage and flyaways – especially when you’re when using them on dry hair.
Brushes aren’t ideal for wet hair either – you may want to skip it altogether and opt to use a wide-tooth comb for detangling. Always be patient with your hair and avoid pulling. Start at the bottom and work your way up slowly in sections.
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Apply lotion or lip balm
No, it’s not a joke. You can use lotion and lip balm to control your flyaways. If you don’t have your favorite frizz serum on hand, a small portion of your body lotion or hand cream can do in a pinch. Likewise, lip balm can be used as a makeshift pomade to keep your hair in place. (Don’t go overboard, though, or you’ll end up with greasy hair.)