Ways to Reinvent Your Center Part

The foundation of any hairstyle is the part – or lack thereof. And the middle part is a classic, reliable constant: it’s like a white t-shirt or a straight-legged jeans hairstyle.
We can’t deny the timeless and flirty appeal of the middle part – but sometimes, too much love for the classic can lead to stiff hair. Feeling like changing things up? We’ve got some fresh inspiration. The best part is that you don’t even have to deviate from your favorite style – as it turns out, there are a lot of different ways to rock the middle! …….. We’ve found some cool ones.
These medium hairstyles strike a good balance. They’re neither too clich├ęd nor too extra hairstyles that you have to save them for special occasions. So, whether it’s for work, play or a lazy Saturday, these mid-parted hairstyles will do the trick (and then some). Click ahead for 15 hairstyles that will make the middle part feel fresh.
The Beauty of Romance
This isn’t the half-bundle hair you’ve done a million times. The unraveling adds a lot of romance and offsets the strong middle part of the hairstyle. Tip: Easy to use hairspray, we’re going for texture and curls.
The frame of the braid
Many braided hairstyles start in the middle. This look puts the focus on the top of the head with a voluminous braid – not to mention, a lovely scrunchie. Notice the way the hair is slightly teased to give the braid more height.
Double the accessories.
Double the trend by placing bobby pins above your ears and framing the middle section with glitter. It’s flattering and just the right amount of vintage (best paired with coordinating earrings).
Nice pigtails.
Get your scalp out of the boxer braid and try low braids with a refreshing midsection. The beauty is in the details, part of your hair covers your ears, and the braid starts right behind your ears.
retro remix
The center part is just the start of the trendy retro hairstyle, but it helps balance out the baby hair and black bows. Make it as messy and tousled as you wish.
top twist
Fall in love with the top knot again by parting the hair from the very middle and rotating the length of the hair into a gravity-defying loop. Bumps go with the wind, but they’re ok (encouraged, even).
Hair Accessories Game Strong
Secure three super-sized pieces of hairspray to the back of your head to give yourself a queenly look. Align one of them with the middle section and place the others on the sides. If you’re having a hard time finding huge hairpieces, placing a statement headband at the end of your head can provide a similar crown! Effect.
Stop stressing about placing each hair perfectly in the middle of the section. Likewise, don’t agonize over where to place the barrette. Once the section is reasonably centered on your head, clip the shiny bobby pins one cluster at a time to the side of your face. End up with a random, asymmetrical clip on the opposite side, and so on.
Chic cover-ups
Bad hair day? Not with this simple hair hack. The sharp center part gives the illusion of good, clean hair and helps hide unruly hair – plus, we Love the vintage vibe.
Half updo, half parted.
Who says you have to bring this part of your hair all the way back? Separate the first few inches of hair on your forehead to give the appearance of bangs. Let the lengths loosen and sweep the rest of the hair back into a half bunch. This style will also work well with longer bangs.
central plait
Frame the middle section with small braids along the sides. Braid the rest of your hair for a cohesive look. Add shiny barrettes for an evening-appropriate hairstyle.
Pony in the Sky
Wear it in a high ponytail like Ariana Grande, but use this to create a looser look on the runway. of the front layer to soften the look. This will put less pressure on the scalp.
Victory is rolling in.
Manage frizz and keep hair out of your eyes with a gel vintage twist hairstyle. The middle section keeps it classy while the smooth surface and uneven placement modernize the throw.
Extremely smooth
We’ve been talking about trying a wet haircut, but it never ended up being done. Change that. Very smooth lengths highlight a dead part. If your hair is longer, secure the ends into a low bun.
A pattern of confusion
Play with the trendy ’60s aesthetic to soften and mess up a mid-parted, fluffy hairstyle. Make the most of textured products to prevent the outdated “helmet head” effect.