Ways to Easily Detangle Your Hair With Less Damage

Yes, it’s an exaggeration, but almost everyone has cried over tangled hair at least once. It is so frustrating and distressing that it is hard to get out of it. When your hair is too dry, or just comes out of the bathroom in a knot……. And don’t even get us started on the drama of finely tangled hair!
Often, when you comb through your knotted hair, you’ll have strands of hair in knots in your comb, in the drain in the shower, or on the floor of your bedroom. You may even start to agonize over hair loss and never want to touch your mane again. Luckily, there is a way to fix all those hair knots, minus the damage – read on for a few of our favorite hair loss tips!
Use a good hair conditioner.
The battle against hair knots starts with your conditioner. If the conditioner you use is effective in making your hair soft and supple, then it will be easier to comb through your hair after a shower.
To ensure that your hair is properly conditioned after each shower, let the product sit through your hair, especially in areas where it would normally be tangled.
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Use a wide tooth comb.
Using a comb can cause your hair to break, so choose a wide-toothed comb instead. Try not to use a wet hairbrush as much as possible. However, with this product, you can go and comb your hair, especially if you are short on preparation time. A wide tooth comb will loosen those knots and keep your hair smooth for the rest of your life.
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Brush from below.
There is one more trick that every long-haired person should do, and that is to start combing their hair from the bottom. If you start brushing from the roots, it will only pull at the hair, aggravating the knots and causing breakage. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up, inch by inch. Comb your hair down while brushing upward, making sure it doesn’t get tangled.
Use hair serum
If the knots are too stubborn, apply some hair serum that will help loosen the hair. Apply the product to your hair with your hands, focusing on the knotted areas of your hair. Once you notice that your hair is getting soft, it’s time to move on to tying it.
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finger grooming
Sometimes, you just need to go back to the basics. If any type of comb or brush doesn’t work, then use your fingers. This way, you can focus on tying the knot while still keeping your hair gentle during the process. Just remember to take your time and avoid damaging your hair.
Don’t force it.
Finally, you need to be very patient with your hair. If you start forcefully pulling knots, your hair may develop large breaks. Be slow to work and don’t pull your hair.