Tweaks That Will Make Your Work Environment Better

It can be difficult to stay 100% motivated to go to work every day – especially if your work environment is exhausting. You may not always notice it right away, but your surroundings can definitely affect your mood and performance. If you’re constantly working in a dull, messy and cold room, you’re likely to feel uninspired, tired and lethargic.
But you can do something about it. Remember, self-care is also about making sure you’re in a place where you’re comfortable and happy. So a well-organized, beautifully decorated and lively office can have a positive impact on your performance and mood.
And don’t worry about major office renovations. Simple tweaks and small additions to your desk and the surrounding area are more than enough to do the trick. Read some helpful hints on how to make your workspace a little more enjoyable!
Let in the natural light.
Reduced sunlight exposure can cause your serotonin levels to drop, which in turn can make you feel sleepy and stressed. So, open the office blinds – and make sure there isn’t any furniture blocking the sun. (Just make sure the sun doesn’t cause glare on your monitor or cause eyestrain).
If you don’t have a lot of natural light, put a lamp on your desk that simulates natural light. You should also get out from time to time to get your much-needed sunshine. (Don’t forget to put on sunscreen, though!)
There is an outdoor landscape
Another reason to open these blinds is to see the outside world. If your desk is by a window, you’re in luck, because a good view can improve your performance by up to 16%.
If a view isn’t really an option for your office space, you can add an outdoor environment to your desk or the wall next to it Photo. Pick a photo of your favorite city or tropical island!
Adjusting the temperature in the office
It’s not just in your head. The air conditioning in your office can negatively affect your productivity. A 2004 study by Cornell University found that office workers who worked in temperatures of 68 degrees or lower were more likely to make typing mistakes . The study also claims that the optimal temperature range at work is 70 to 77 degrees.
Now, go tell Steve in Accounting to stop turning your office into the North Pole.
Use of aromatherapy
Currently like the air diffuser in your home? You may also want to have something like this in your office. We especially recommend pine or lemon or rosemary essential oils. Why these three? That’s because the scent of pine boosts energy, citrus scents reduce stress and improve focus, and rosemary allows the You think more clearly and improve your memory.
Plus, it’s extra comforting and will make you happier when you’re working. And who wouldn’t want that?
Put on some jazz.
If you have a working playlist, try adding some jazz to it – it’s incredibly comfortable and will give you coffee shop! Ambience. You can also listen to some white noise, like rain, as it helps you stay focused and on task.
Wearing noise-cancelling headphones
Since we already talked about music in the last slide, you may also want to invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Hearing other people talking (or that guy in the next cubicle who’s typing loudly) can sometimes be distracting.
And bonus: It can also serve as a sign to your co-workers that you’re focused, not interrupted, when the headphones are on.
Try. Shure SE215 -K Noise-Isolating Headphones, $99.
Using plants to add life
Being a plant parent isn’t just about aesthetics and hype. Plants can also improve your happiness and productivity They can also help clean the air! Hey, even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still choose indoor plants that don’t require much attention, like spider plants and peace lilies! Or pothos.
Try it.Costa Farms Spider Living Indoor Plant, $21.99.
Show some art and inspiration
We’ve already mentioned adding an image of another environment, but let’s talk about that again. Personalizing your workstation can make your space more personal and comfortable. You can also add motivational posters to really inspire you to work hard.
Just remember to keep your decor to a minimum (up to three if possible) so that your place doesn’t look too Clutter and you’ll still be able to stay focused on your work. Just add something that will provide you with joy, reduce stress, or motivate you to give it your all when you need to.
Try. Ding Dong Art Sunset Canvas, $27.99.
Add a pop of color
Liven up your work environment by adding pops of color. If you can’t change the wall paint, you have the option of buying office accessories in different colors. Decorating tip: Just make sure they follow a theme and color palette so they don’t look cluttered and distracting.
To help you choose the color scheme you want for your desk, you can learn some basic color psychology. For example, if your day job requires creativity, yellow may help you. Green can provide a calming balance, while blue can stimulate concentration and communication.
Give it a try.Tengchuang Yellow Pen and Pencil Holder, $13.99.
Store delicious and tasty snacks
Now, this part doesn’t have to be a change in the appearance of your office, but it’s still important to implement. Having access to healthy snacks can give you a boost in brain performance, memory, and energy. Most of the time, when you’re stressed, you’ll just resort to eating junk food that won’t even make you feel better. So, stock up on healthy snacks like nuts, bananas, and even healthy chips!
Try. Rye cereal, apple-strawberry and pineapple-coconut, $23.74 for 6 pieces.
Use of ergonomic settings
If your office will provide them, it’s definitely worth considering a standing desk or a cool AF ergonomic chair – the They can increase productivity and (increase comfort). That said, there are still ways to have an ergonomic setup if it’s not within the office’s budget.
Remember, keep your body centered on the monitor and keyboard. Make sure your chair height keeps your feet on the floor and your knees in line with your hips. Also, keep your elbows close to a 90-degree angle and don’t bend your wrists. Having the right posture will make your day less exhausting. (You can do the occasional office-appropriate yoga move and you’re good to go.
Organize your desk according to how you work.
Yes, a messy desk may help your creativity, but if you’re trying to stay focused, you may still want to be open to your Tools apply some sort of organization.
Keep the things you use every day close and visible. If you like to spread out your files as you work, make a space for them so you don’t feel crowded. Keep your workstation less cluttered by storing files and things you rarely need away from your desk.
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