Top Nail Tools Every Nail Art Lover Needs

Going to a nail salon once every two weeks can get very expensive. But it’s completely understandable – especially if you’re not a professional manicurist, the intricate art of nail art can be difficult to accomplish. Painting your nails perfectly is already very challenging – after all, you’ve drawn the fine lines and subtle details on such a small canvas!
However, don’t lose hope. You can (and will) achieve gorgeous nail art at home. You just need to get the right nail art tools. (You might want to watch some YouTube tutorials and practices, of course.)
Honestly, you’d be surprised what a big difference the right tools can make. Whether you decide to invest in some stamps or handy spot painting tools, they can make your nail painting easier (and better). So, to help you up your nail art game, we’ve listed the top nail art tools you should have. Be ready to get your creative juices flowing once you get them!
Comiart Dot Tool Set, $5.89.
Of course, you can choose to draw dots on your nails with toothpicks and pins. But for designs that require different sizes of dots, a set of embellishment tools would be very useful.
The set comes with five two-way dot paint brushes with large round and small dots. They are great for drawing fine details, patterns and lines.
Graham Beauty hand-pushed exfoliator strip, $8.91.
To love your nails, please stop using metal cuticle pushers. It’s harsh on your nails and can even cause wounds. Wooden cuticle massage sticks are a gentler option. You can also use these sticks when cleaning the edges of your nails, or as an additional embellishment tool option!
Twinkled T Mint Coco Coco Nail Brush Set of 15, $7
Ever decide not to do a design because you don’t have the right brush? With this set of brushes from Twinkled T, you won’t feel that way again.
Anself Nail Coloring Pen Crystal Acrylic UV Gel Coloring Pen, $9.99
Fine nail painting tends to be quite complicated……. It’s super difficult to draw on your nails. If you like, this set of brushes will be perfect for you. This is a three-piece set with 7mm, 8mm, and 11mm brushes for fine lines and painting.
Winstonia 7-Piece UV Gel Brush Set, $7.95
If you’re going to use gel oil, you’ll need another set of brushes that will better hold this type of polish in place. This brush set from Wistonia is made for this, so you don’t have to worry about bristles falling out all the time. It comes in seven different brush sizes for you to choose from.
Meiliss Acrylic Nail Brush Set of 8, $11.99
Want to paint flowers or other patterns with no fuss? Then use Meiliss’ acrylic paintbrush set. It comes in different shapes to help you achieve different textures, allowing you to draw with fewer strokes. From feathers to gradients, waves and other cool details, these brushes can help you take your nail art vision to the extreme!
Beauty Big Bang Nail Artwork with Scraper Set, $6.99
It may seem like cheating, but if you don’t have drawing skills, using nail stamps can be a gift from above. It allows you to create a complete manicure look in seconds……. And it’s less cumbersome.
Manicurist Collaborative Set 4 Nail Stamping Boards, $28.
From kawaii designs to optical illusions, this set of stamping plates has you covered. They are made by your favorite nail bloggers like Paulina’s Passions, Tanya Wish,, Amy Tran and Nargisjonik. Bonus: Since it was designed by different people, you’ll get five different styles!
Novelty bank nails with 30 colors of narrow stripe tape, $8.80.
For stripes and plaids, these stripe tapes can help you. To be honest, cutting regular tape to the size you need is nearly impossible and can be messy. These tapes, on the other hand, come with a dispenser to make the task easier.
You can also leave them on your nails and put a top coat on them to make it part of your nail design. It has shiny metallic tones and a holographic look!
Mitty Flawless Nail Tape, $10.
Even if you are a professional nail artist, creating nail art can be very confusing, and even the best nail artists sometimes apply polish to our cuticles or fingertips. That’s where the peel-off tape comes in. It’s easy to apply and remove, and it makes clean lines a breeze.
Pueen Latex Tape Stripping Cuticle Protector, $8.99
Here’s another option for nail bands. Because you apply it directly to the skin, it’s easy to customize. You’ll know this product is dry and ready for nail art once it turns pink.
Twinkled T Purple Mont Bleu Glass Nail File, $6.99.
Having a trusted nail file will allow you to achieve different nail shapes. This option is made of durable crystal glass, so you know it will last a long time.
Born Pretty 8 Box of Glitter Mirror Glitter Powders, $10.99.
Tired of the usual powdered nail polish? Add some life to your nail design with these glitter powders. It’s easy to apply and a small amount will cover your nails. The chrome paint looks especially magical – everyone asks where you got it from!
Teenitor 24-color starry nail transfer sticker, $9.
For an abstract look, you can always go ahead and make some nail foil. This set has 24 different foil designs that you can use in a variety of nail designs. It comes in multiple shiny patterns and colors that can turn each design into a unique and fun one. It transfers and sticks to the nail, making it a breeze to use.
SUNUV Led Up Nail Lamp, $39.99.
That’s right, you can make your own gel nail polish at home. With four timer settings, this LED UV light can treat five nails simultaneously and is quite comfortable to use. No need to go to those frequent and expensive beauty salons, right?