Top 11 Vitamin C Skin Care Products

April 4, 2020 is National Vitamin C Day. What could be more celebratory than our favorite vitamin C skincare products? Read on to see our selection of products; from eye brightening creams to volumizing beauty oils.

Sweet Chef Superfood + Vitamin Beauty Oil, $23.99
This fantastic beauty oil is packed with all the vitamins, perhaps most notably A, B and C!

Kate Somerville+Retinol Vitamin C Moisturizer, $90.
While you generally shouldn’t mix retinol and vitamin C together, this night cream can do that safely. It smells faintly of orange and will leave your skin dewy and vibrant.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme, $39.
There’s a reason this eye brightening cream has reached cult status. This eye cream’s pale yellow hue and reflective pigments (with good vitamin C, of course) make it a good eye prep before applying makeup.

Farmacy Very Cherry Bright 15% Clean Vitamin C Serum, $62.
This lightweight serum is all-around. The packaging is cheerful and the serum itself works well, sinking right into the skin, leaving it more revealing and brighter than ever before.

No7 Youth Revitalizing Vitamin C Serum, $24.99.
This affordable product has quite a punch. Just a drop or two applied at night will keep your complexion even and make you envious.

Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion, $65.
This serum oil feels great on the skin and we like to add a drop or two to our regular facial oil for a luxurious final step. Thanks to all the antioxidants in the formula, it’s a very good eco-friendly product.

Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Whitening Serum, $49
Well, is there anything cuter than that? We’re a little obsessed with Glow Recipe’s fruit and vegetable inspired skincare line, and this serum and its pineapple-shaped bottle are no exception.

Bliss Ex-Glow-Sion Eye Cream, $22
If the previously listed Ole Henriksen option is a small cult favorite in your price range, this eye cream, which also contains vitamin C, is a great choice. It is quite light and layers well under the layers of makeup.

Sephora Collection Ultra Glow Serum.Glow + Fortified Vitamin C Serum, $20
We’re fans of Sephora’s affordable in-house skincare line, and that includes this Vitamin C+E serum. It moisturizes well and can help you even out your complexion.

Summer Friday CC Me Serum, $64
Your new favorite skincare brand has done it again! This vitamin C serum is light and dry – perfect for fading post-inflammatory pigmentation.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum, $85.
This one is right here and is one of our trusted favorites. It’s one of those skincare products that seems to make a difference overnight – it really works overtime to keep your skin even and bright.