Top 10 Plus Size Fitness Influencers You Need to Look

For a long time, there was (well, still is) this stereotype that tall women were lazy, unhealthy and unwilling to exercise.
And ……….. That is not the case. Personally, I love to exercise (when I can get between writing, feeding myself, and acting like a normal adult, I love to exercise), and I’ve taken back the word “fat” and am proud to say it to anyone who asks about it.
That’s why I love seeing women on my social media who not only inspire me, but who are just like me. Because size does not equate to beauty and/or health, nor should it be the standard by which we judge anyone.

Jessie Diaz-Herrera
Jessica is a dance queen! She teaches Body Positive Dance classes, does CrossFit and lifts weights in New York City and on YouTube. She teaches Body Positive Dance classes, does CrossFit and lifts weights in New York City and on YouTube. Plus, she’s a model and body type inclusion champion!

Diane Bundy.
I first discovered Dianne a few years ago when I first became interested in yoga and immediately fell in love with her. She is a vocal physical activist who believes that all bodies are capable regardless of your level of experience or ability.

Chasi Jernigan
Chasi is the founder of Sweat in Mascara, an advocate, author, certified fitness instructor, body positive motivator and mom.

Jessamine Stanley.
Watching Jessamyn do sit-ups is actually quite fascinating. She is a spectacle that shows that everyone’s body is effective and capable, you just need to find, test and push your limits.

Luisa Fonseca
Luisa will make you feel comfortable and at ease, especially if you’re just starting out on your yoga journey and not quite sure what you’re doing, she’ll be encouraging, affectionate and lovely.

Jessica Riehl.
Jessica is a yogi who also does some weight lifting, dance workouts and general exercise, and her smile is infectious – she’s sure to catch your eye.

CeCe Olisa
Co-founder of The Curvy Con, Cece is a health, fitness and fashion blogger who will give you all the inspiration you need.

Louise Green.
A global fitness coach, activist, author and columnist, Louise is an ATHLETE – strictly an Ironman – proving that no matter your age or weight, the sky is the limit.

Diva Roz – Diva.
Rhodes is the person I want to be when I grow up. She shows that sexy can look a lot more than we’re told to believe.

Mirna Valerio
Milne, creator of the Fat Girl Running website and blogger, has been featured in several publications including Buzzfeed and The Wall Street Journal for doing amazing things with her body and running fierce races around the world.