Tips Will Actually Make Your Bangs Behave

Liu will never go out of style. Pairing them always seems like a good idea, right? No matter what the trend is right now, they can make you look both classic and chic. But unfortunately, we can’t do what K-pop icon Lisa of Blackpink does, even when she’s doing her craziest choreography and keeping her bangs intact. Your bangs will be blown up by the wind and your hair will be disobedient.
It’s super annoying to always have to manage your bangs when you’re at work or hanging out with friends. But ….. There is still hope. There are a few tips and tricks to keep your bangs out no matter what.
Blow them dry immediately.
The first rule of having amazing bangs. Do not let them air dry. The styling process begins right after you take a shower. If you let your bangs air dry naturally, they have an annoying tendency to become scattered. To train your bangs for the style you want, blow dry them.
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Use a small round brush to texturize your bangs.
Use a small round brush to add volume to your bangs while blow drying them. This keeps them from lying flat on your forehead and gives them a more vibrant look. Hold the hair dryer face down on your head and brush your bangs in the direction you want them to go.
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Use moisture-proof hairspray
Finally, use a moisture-resistant hairspray to keep your bangs in place. This will help prevent curling and separation caused by moisture. But don’t use too much – it can cause your hair to clump.
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Using a small flat iron
If your bangs are particularly frizzy, you can flat iron them with a small flat iron. Choose a finer flat iron so you can iron all the way to the roots of your hair.
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Wash your bangs regularly.
Another thing to note is how often you wash your hair. The thing is, bangs are more greasy than the rest of your hair. If you don’t wash it every day, it will have a tendency to clump, separate and lay flat. You can choose to wash your bangs daily, or use dry shampoo to keep them fresh.
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One of the reasons your bangs are having problems could be that you need to trim them. You can call your hairdresser or ask them for advice on how to trim your bangs at home.
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Keep your forehead free of oil.
Your forehead may also be the culprit for discoloration of your bangs – you see, oiling your forehead may cause your bangs to separate and lay flat. Make sure to use oil absorbent paper during the day to keep your forehead (aka your bangs) free of oil.
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