Things You Should Know Before You Get Bangs

Whether you’re just looking for a change because you’re doing a bit of a personal makeover, or you’re in the “they dumped me, so I’m going to change my hair now” phase….. Or even if you just want to look like Dakota Johnson, you have a few things to think about before you make a big decision.
After all, you can change into a dress or a pair of shoes, but bangs are a bigger commitment. We personally love bangs (there are great options for every hairstyle and face shape), but before you do a haircut, you need to arm yourself with knowledge.
Will bangs even be a thing in 2020?
Absolutely. Lau has always been popular, just evolving. Whether you have curly bangs like Sandra Oh or blunt bangs like Elizabeth Olsen, all you have to do is remember that you’re not in high school anymore.
“Bangs come in and out of style, but makeup these days – especially on the red carpet – focuses on the eyes, and bangs help shape and accentuate that,” celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson explained to US Magazine. In other words? Hair style is key. Once you find your hair, you’re golden.
What are the key things to consider?
You have to consider a) your natural hair, b) how much maintenance it needs (or how much time you’re willing to give it), c) if they’ll still be lovely while you do your job or work, and most importantly, d) do you really want bangs?
You can do anything you’re really confident in and the hair will grow back……. But no one wants to spend six months growing out bangs they regret. So weigh your options in advance.
How often does it need to be trimmed?
Depending on your style and texture, it can range from 2 to 12 weeks, according to Allure. Not all bangs are created equal. The texture of the hair is also different. Your bangs are not a separate entity, but they do need a little extra care. So, to keep your style fresh, talk to your stylist and never trim it yourself. (After all, you don’t want to be like this woman who cuts her bangs and immediately regrets it).
I have curly hair, can I still have bangs?
Of course you can! Haven’t you seen Tracee, Ellis, Ross and Lorde? It’s entirely possible. You just need to remember that a) your bangs need to be longer because curls shrink and b) you need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Hair stylist and founder of the Ri Ci hair care line Ricky Pennisi spoke to the Huffington Post about curly bangs, explaining that certain looks are better suited to certain hairstyles, and that finding a good curly stylist is absolutely key.
Can I try it before I buy it?
Honey, if Kendall Jenner can do fake bangs, why can’t you? Invest in a hair piece and see how you feel about it! If your hair is long enough, you can even make fake bangs out of your own hair.
You have to think about how they will grow out.
It obviously depends on whether you want to do a slight fringe, fluffy side bangs, or blunt bangs – you also have to consider how fast your hair is growing.” Growing out your bangs is a real test of patience and a better test of a great hairdresser,” Julien Farel, stylist and founder of the eponymous salon, told Women’s Health. So, when you cut your bangs, make sure you trust your hairdresser and make sure the relationship gets you through the transition.
If you have relatively straight hair, invest in a dry shampoo.
Curly-haired girls, we all need to be mindful of moisturizing. Wavy girls will have problems with oiling out. Bangs mean you’ll be touching your face more than usual, etc., which means your bangs will be getting oily. When your bangs start to get greasy, a travel dry shampoo in your handbag will go a long way. Try Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo, $13, which tastes great but won’t make your hair feel like straw.
Bring your inspiration……….. And your glasses.
If you see Ciara on the red carpet with the bangs you want, or Sophie Turner, or even Nicole Scherzinger, then take those photos with you. Look for as many angles as you can find so your stylist knows what you want and how to adjust it for you. Also, if you wear glasses, they will affect the length and shape of your bangs, so be sure to wear them.