The 18 Best New Beauty Products Recommended By Makeup Artists

Makeup artists get to test out a variety of the latest beauty product launches. (This is one of the many benefits of working.) Therefore, it takes some truly spectacular beauty products to win them over.
These new options make the cut. These are the make-up, skincare, hair, nail and beauty tools launched to attract the attention of MUAs. So, if you’re looking for a new lip balm, primer or new conditioner, these expert choices are worth a spot on your shopping list.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Rejuvenating Lip Balm, $29.60.
“I’m hooked on Blue Blue Lake Iceland Regenerating Lip Balm!” Makeup artist Mary Owen said.” This rich but not heavy formula contains seaweed from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, along with shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera. It has almost enough gloss to work as a natural shine, but absorbs very well and leaves lips feeling soft and hydrated.” She adds, “The delicate vanilla mint flavor is also a plus.”

Snow Fox Hot Stone Mask + Obsidian Scraping Set, $53.60.
“I just tried the Snow Fox Hot Stone Mask and Obsidian Scraping Kit, and I’m a little out of my mind with both of these products.” Irwin said.” I have a lot of faith in scraping and jade rollers, but this mask really stands out. It has a self-heating function that works similarly to steaming your face, allowing your pores to open up. It also uses nicotinamide, which improves circulation, and blue Egyptian lotus, which increases hydration. When used in conjunction with the scraping tool, the results are excellent.”

Viseart Spritz Edit Eye Shadow Palette, $39.
“I love all the colors that Viseart produces and I can’t stop pursuing the Spritz palette!” Irwin said. It has the perfect summer to fall color: gold, cream, coral and rust, plus some modern neutrals. It’s all the shadow you need, and it’s formulated unlike anything else – basically the only shadow in my pro kit.”

Younique Touch Glorious Mattifying Face Primer, $34.
“I love the Younique Touch Glorious Mattifying Face Primer, a two-in-one face primer that’s designed to mattify without drying the skin and help makeup last for 8 hours.” Makeup artist Angela Calisti said.” This face primer uses an innovative gel-liquid water-breaking technology to provide a matte canvas for the skin, reducing enlarged pores and oil shine, improving skin smoothness and blurring imperfections for a long-lasting, flawless look.”

B3 Rose Quartz Oil Cleanser, $42
“I love B3’s new Crystal skincare line. Incorporating the crystals into her already good skincare oil and adding some calming scent is all the good energy we need right now.” Star makeup artist Natalia Thomas said.” I’m obsessed with the Rose Quartz Oil Cleanser, which removes even the heaviest of makeup and leaves your skin feeling soft without removing it.”

B3 Fluorite Resurfacing Oil, $40.
This is another Natalia Thomas approved B3 crystal product.” This fluorite resurfacing oil smells like a day of spa and makes my skin so happy and removes any hint of stress.” She said.
The makeup artist is also a fan of the other two products in the collection.” Amethyst Calming Oil Scent, $32, legitimately pulled me back from several existential crises.” Thomas said.” There’s also a $38 tiger eye primer to keep my dark circles in check. Both of these products feature crystal balling!”

Doll 10 Doll Skin T.C.E Super Concealer, $28.
“Doll 10 T.C.E. (This Covers Everything) concealer Truly does cover everything,” says Thomas.” Not only does it cover up any skin problems you want to hide, its ingredients actually help repair your skin and treat any puffiness, but it’s also high in vitamin C, cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract.”
She adds, “It’s so clean and the formula doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates or sulfates, so you can be sure you’re not covering up the problems you’re helping to create.”

Virtue All-In-One Conditioner, $40
“My hair used to have volume and fullness, like wow, until I was 35 years old, Over the past few years, I’ve found a lot of products that really weigh my hair down and give my hair no life.” Wondergloss founder Courtney Dailey said.” I’ve always been a fan of Virtue’s smoothing and recovery formula, but I haven’t tried the Full series. I paired the $38 smoothing shampoo with Full conditioner, just like Magic. It is fully hydrated, but it feels light and smooth. When you dry your hair, it feels full of life again: bouncy and refreshed.”

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Dry Skin Moisturizing Serum, $14.99.
“I’ve been battling dryness and irritation syndrome since putting on the mask, and it seemed like my go-to skincare products weren’t helping until I discovered La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 balm,” says Dailey.” It’s a creamy moisturizer that feels soothing when applied. I put it on before I go to bed and when I get up in the morning, my irritability and dryness go away.”

Wondergloss Balm Addict Vegan Lip Care Balm Nectarine Peach Color Eating Lip Balm, $6
“Wearing a mask every day has caused so much damage to my poor lips. “I found my lips peeling and dry from the constant sauna,” says Dailey. I find that with Wondergloss Lip Balm, it’s full of moisturizing natural oils that help create a barrier between my lips and my moisturized lips.”
“I’ve found that using something like Sonia Roselli Hydrating Oil Skincare, $43.20, and applying it to my lips with Marigold Addict Lipstick helps keep my lips happy,” she continues.

Tower 28 Bronzino Highlighter Foundation, $20.
This flattering, creamy cologne is the choice of two makeup artists.” “This new cologne is a dream come true in terms of texture and color,” says makeup artist Ashley Rebecca.” I like the way it looks on the skin. I use it as my daily bronzer and also use it for contouring, and it’s a very easy recipe to blend.”
“As soon as the weather gets warmer, I look in the mirror and immediately feel my skin being washed away, “Using cologne is a quick way to lift your complexion, and I especially like the creamy consistency,” says celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon.” It’s great because it warms your skin and leaves you glowing, glow-free, and the formula doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.”

RMS Beauty Amethyst Rose Night Glow Cream, $38.
“This soft purple highlighter gives the most revealing look, and I like to apply it to my cheekbones and other areas as a finishing touch,” reports Rebecca.” It also lasts all day, which is hard to find in a highlighter with a paste formula.”

Christophe Robin Shadow Changing Mask in Odd Copper, $53.
“This mask is genius for instantly brightening my natural red hair color while making my hair super shiny and soft,” says Rebecca.” It’s important that this hair color lasts for five days and doesn’t get messy when you use it!”

Chantecaille Radiance Elixir, $210.
“I’ve always loved the combination of skincare and makeup, and this one is a great one,” says Aharon.” It gives your skin a glow, while reducing redness and hydrating your skin.”

Drunk Elephant Sili Body Lotion, $20.
“After a long winter, my whole body needed help,” said Aaron.” I don’t like the feeling of applying cream or lotion to my body, but this one absorbs very quickly and doesn’t bother me. Plus it smells very mild and natural and I’m looking forward to applying it after the shower!”

Powerella Water Gel Serum, $39.
“The Powerella Beauty + Wellness product is a game changer. “They have an amazing synergy in beauty,” says Terri Bryant, founder of Guide Beauty.” I use their Hydro-Greens Hydrate + Firm Gel Serum under my moisturizer and start each morning with their Shake & Glow Vegan Beauty Protein, $39, which is a blend of organic almond milk. It’s delicious!”
She continues, “The main ingredients in both products are the same, so you are treating your skin and body from the inside out. The difference in my skin and the way I feel is amazing!”

Guide Beauty Guide Double Action Eyeliner, $50
“There’s nothing like eyeliner to enhance and create definition around the eye. “From classic lines to tight eyeliner, winged eyeliner and more, we know that these looks are never the quickest or easiest to apply,” says Bryant. That is until now! Our mission is to make the art of makeup accessible to all, and Guide Beauty Eyeliner Duo is a new way to apply eyeliner.”
She adds, “Our universal design means everyone can enjoy the good feeling of an eyeliner!”

Ciate Cheat Sheets, $18.
“I miss having other faces to play with makeup,” said Bryant.” A person can only put makeup on their face so many times a day. And these “little closing tables” gave me another outlet for creativity. They’re just so much fun!”