Take These Women-Only Fitness Classes to Get Your Butt in Shape

We’re not knocking neutral gyms – so many great gyms are there – but sometimes a lady just wants to talk to her The women who sweat together. Female-only workout spaces breed a certain level of comfort and inspiration that others don’t. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about being accosted or watched; you can work out without fear. Plus, such spaces tend to be more female-friendly (i.e. bathrooms with feminine hygiene products, girly deodorant, hair ties, etc.). But the best part? You surround yourself with like-minded women who encourage, inspire and praise you – that’s motivational AF.
Jabz – Women’s Boxing
The next time someone says you punch like a girl, you can say thank you.Jabz’s hot pink gym is filled with punching bags, a Tae Kwon Do bags, boxing mannequins (cleverly named Bob), and a central “ring.” 16 looping sessions Utilizing all of the above, plus ropes, tires, TRX, medicine balls, bosu balls, pull-up bars, and individual stations The weight, the heart and lungs explode between each station. You walk in and walk out and it’s a blast. Currently, there are studios in Arizona, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
PureBarre Studios is technically open to both men and women, but you’ll rarely find a dude at the barre in cross-legged or doing elegant ballet moves. Given the workouts – which focus on toning the legs, hips, arms and abs through isometric exercises – it’s clear that these classes are geared toward for women. We would describe it as a low-impact class that combines Pilates, ballet, yoga, and strength training with some dance elements as you move to the rhythm of the music. You can find studios all over the country.
The list would be remiss without Curves, which started 30 years ago as the original national women-only gym launched by one of the. curves is known for its 30-minute circuit classes, which combine strength training, cardio and stretches and allows you to work closely with a trainer. Over the years, it has expanded to offer more classes, including high-intensity cardio, high-intensity boxing, low-intensity ” A balance of ‘body base’ and low intensity. Over 4,000 gyms across the US.
Women’s fitness shape
If you want an open gym that caters to women, consider Shapes Fitness For Women your new go-to place. It’s set up like some big name unisex gym in there, which means you can create your own workout and go in your own Speed. That said, they do offer classes that you can sign up for. Another perk is that each club offers spa facilities, which makes cleaning up after sweats much easier. Current locations include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.
Pilates Club
Club Pilates is also technically unisex, but the classes are skewed towards the female population. The focus is on authentic Pilates moves taken directly from Joseph Pilates himself, except that they have been adapted and modernized so that the Classes are more fun. For example, there’s CP F.I.T., which is an interval-based program that combines Pilates strength training with boot camp-style The cardio. Or CP Suspend, a gravity challenge class that combines Pilates and TRX suspension training. There are about 450 locations nationwide.
Studio conditioning
If you don’t like the idea of leaving the house to work out, the Studio Tone It Up app has you covered. It’s a personal, on-the-go, female-centric fitness studio that allows you to be on the go, with whoever you want! Exercise. New classes are added every week, each with a special focus on toning and shaping. The app is currently used by over 5 million women worldwide. At the base level, it’s free, but you can upgrade to a $13/month membership to get more classes and features.