Super Easy Shoulder Stretches That You Can Do At Your Desk.

Working long hours hunched over a computer – not to mention carrying heavy paternalism on your shoulders – can certainly lead to muscle tension. At first, this may seem like a minor issue, but over time, the pain really creeps up on you.
Fortunately, exercise, massage, and more exercise can all help relieve shoulder pain. However, if you are too busy to do these things on a regular basis, you can do some simple shoulder stretches in your office chair.

posture correction
The first thing you can do to relieve tight shoulders is to correct your posture. Whenever you find yourself hunching over your desk, slowly sit up straight while working your abdominal muscles. Try to hold this pose for as long as possible. This will help relieve tension and also boost your abdominal strength.

cow face pose
To do this popular, desk-friendly yoga asana, straighten your arms and bend your elbows so that your hands reach behind your head. Place your left arm behind your body and bend your elbow, reaching for your right shoulder blade. If possible, interlace your hands and hold for at least 20 seconds. Switch arm positions and stretch your other shoulder.

Reverse shoulder stretch
For this stretch, you may need to do it standing up for a few minutes. But don’t worry, the move is still very simple, in fact, every once in a while standing up and walking around is good for your efficiency.
To do this stretch, interlace your fingers behind your back near your hips. Keep your back straight, shoulder blades together, and push your arms up until you feel a stretch in your body. Do this pose for at least 30 seconds.

Stretching across the arm
For this stretch, you can do it while standing or sitting. Place one arm in front of your chest and lock it with the other arm bent at the elbow. Pull the stretched arm towards your chest until you feel a stretch in your shoulders. Hold this motion for at least 30 seconds, then repeat with the other side.