Some of the Biggest Trends in Wellness for 2020

Last year, the health and wellness space exploded with CBD products, retinol (and plant-based retinol alternatives), and boutique fitness spaces offering everything from boxing to pole dancing. While the above trends aren’t going away anytime soon, we asked some experts to weigh in on their predictions of the biggest health trends for 2020. Here’s to discovering new things and even pushing our limits by participating in new things.
Sleep is more important than ever.
We’ve seen an increase in the number of sleep-centric products, but MindBody predicts that by 2020, sleep priority will be a bigger business.” In MindBody’s Health Index study, 57 percent agreed that sleep is a luxury, so it’s no surprise that savvy health companies are finding new ways to approach it,” they wrote in a press release. For example, sleep/thoughtful apps like Calm or Headspace are becoming mainstream, with about 28% of consumers surveyed reporting that they use them to help them fall asleep at night. In addition, sleep aids are also on the rise, with nap pods/bars like Casper’s Dreamery or RēCOVER’s NuCalm. Luxury bedding is also on the rise, from comfy sheets to mattresses to sheet sets.
Capsule Skin Care Products
Making skin care fun is the key to making consumers really want to stick with it, and capsule skincare is one way to add excitement. These products are essentially a single dose of a high concentration product, somewhat like an ampoule. Some skincare brands have come out with their own versions. For example, at the end of the fall, Eve Lom released some super-chic Cleansing Oil Capsules for $75, and Beauty Pie has made some changes to the trend, including its Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum, $65. We predict that other brands will follow suit in the coming months.
More eyelashes.
Hold on to your mascara, friends. According to MindBody, lash services – including coloring, lifting and lengthening – are now a $1.8 billion industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down.” In 2019, 43 percent of respondents in our Health Index study expressed interest in getting professional lash services, including men,” says MindBody.” As the lash industry continues to grow exponentially, 2020 will see more boutique lash studios. And, with the projected growth of lash services, consumers interested in trying professional lash services in 2020 will be happy to see how accessible it is about to become.”
Building muscle – as opposed to burning or freezing fat
We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve come across ads for freezing or burning fat through various treatments like CoolSculpting or laser liposuction. According to Tom Seery, founder and CEO of RealSelf, “Even in the medical aesthetic world, we’re seeing a new focus on treatments that are better for you.” Non-surgical treatments that promise to build real muscle are taking market share away from non-surgical liposuction treatments that just kill fat cells,” he said.” According to [new data we’ve collected], non-surgical muscle augmentation treatments such as Emsculpt saw a 450% year-over-year increase in interest in 2019, making it the number one fastest-growing cosmetic treatment on RealSelf this year.”
Of course, you can always use the good old-fashioned way to bulk up and go to the gym.
Cosmetic injections and cosmetic reversals
While we’re talking about permaculture trends for 2020, let’s also talk about injectables. You may remember the reports of Kylie Jenner removing her lip fillers, and as we all know, this quote from KarJenner had a big impact on what’s in and what’s out. According to a report from RealSelf, there has been a significant increase in the attention surrounding revision and corrective surgery. For example, “Hyaluronidase, an injectable enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid-like fillers, ranked third fastest growing non-surgical treatment, up 50 percent from 2018,” said RealSelf in a press release.” In terms of surgery, four corrective treatments made the list, including liposuction correction (second place), up 183 percent, and silicone injection removal (ninth place), up 89 percent.”
Quick and easy hair care
No one has time for a 30-minute hair treatment, and brands are taking notice. Over the past few months, we’ve seen an increase in deep conditioners, hair restorers, and nourishing treatments that don’t force users to sit there twiddling their thumbs and counting down. For example, L’Oréal Paris has just launched their Elvive 8-Second Miracle Water Mask Conditioner for $8.99, which they’ve been behind the scenes for a while. It is rich in protein and takes about 10 seconds or so to do its magic. We think it’s a direct copy of Moremo’s (spendier) spa miracle for $10, $31. Another example is IGK’s Anti-Social Overnight Bond Building Dry Hair Mask, $34, which you can apply to your dry hair before bed or – pro tip – just before you head out the door.
Double up on experiential wellness.
“We are now past the dawn of the experience economy. It’s not uncommon anymore for people to invest time and money into experiences, not things.” MindBody said.” In 2020, we predict that the permaculture industry will help take this trend to the next level. While yoga classes, blowouts, and massages are already experiential, in 2020, these experiences will take on a new level.” For example, AirBnB’s new experiential verticals, spa retreats, fitness busters, wellness festivals and more.