Sneaky Reasons Why Your Hair Is So Dry

Has your hair been feeling particularly dry lately? You know, less shiny, more brittle – generally lacking in vibrancy, a bit….. Nonsense.
There could be many reasons for this. There are tons of little bad habits and mistakes that we make with our hair that we don’t even realize we have. Fortunately, there are many ways to address these issues and get your hair back to its shiny, shiny self again.
So, without further ado, here are a few reasons why your hair may be dry……… and what to do about it.
Reason #1: You’re using too many calories.
Using hair dryers, irons and curling irons that are heated can cause a lot of damage to the hair. To combat this, use a shampoo and/or conditioner that contains a restorative protein. You should also a) start doing weekly deep treatments and b) always make sure to use heat protectants.
Reason #2: You’re using too much shampoo.
Washing your hair too often can cause your hair to lose its natural oils, which can dry out faster. Instead, wash your hair as little as possible – and when you do, don’t wash it more than once. We also recommend looking at what’s in your shampoo to see if it contains sulfates or parabens that can further dry your hair.
Reason 3: You don’t have enough conditioner
Your hair loses moisture when you shampoo, so it’s important to hydrate it with a good conditioner. If you use a lot of heat styling products, or have your hair on a regular basis, then you also need to make sure you get a great regular conditioner (as well as a deep conditioner) to really hydrate your hair.
Reason 4: You need to work less on dyes
The longer you wait to get your hair touched up, the better. The ammonia in hair dyes will dry out your hair and too much grooming will really do a number on your hair. So experiment with miscellaneous styles and stock up on color saving hair products!
Reason #5: It’s your tote bag.
Yes, really, the strap of your purse may hurt more than you think. If you keep putting a belt over your shoulders and pulling your hair out from under the belt, all the friction and pressure increases, leading to split ends and damage. Who knows?
Reason #6: Your hair isn’t trimmed well enough.
You want to grow your hair out, so you’ve been skipping your trim – makes sense, right? In fact, it’s not a good idea, as the hair starts to break about six weeks after the last trim, leaving it looking dry and frizzy.
Reason 7: Your diet may be the problem
If you are not getting enough nutrition or vitamins, then it will be reflected in other parts of your body. For example, a vitamin B7 deficiency can lead to brittle hair and nails. Foods rich in vitamin B7 include egg yolks, offal meat, fish, meat, dairy products, nuts, seeds, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potatoes, yeast, whole grains and bananas.