Short Natural Hairstyles That’ll Look Great on Anyone

When you have curly hair, there’s a lot of pressure to grow it super long and to keep it big because it’s so pretty. That’s great, and long hair is beautiful……. But short hair can also be fun – and often more time consuming than long curls.
I cut my own hair two months ago because I wanted a change and I love my short hair. It’s so freeing and while I still need to take care of my curls like I used to, it’s not as time consuming. All in all, it was fun and I really liked the look of it.
So if you’re ready to try a short hairstyle – or even if you’re just curious to see how it looks on someone else (there’s no shame in wanting to keep your length) – then check out these proof that naturally curly hair looks great at any length.

Short, curly “fro” hair
The benefit of short hair is that it can be curled partly or partially with your fingers to give it more shape and definition.Amandla Stenberg’s hairstyle was designed by celebrity hair stylist Vernon Francois.

Asymmetrical bob haircut.
This asymmetrical “do” (also by Francois) looks stunning on Lupita Nyong’o…….. And it can be stunning on you, too.

Teenage micro-curly hair (TWA)
After Sana Ratan’s haircut for Nappily Ever After, we all took to her Instagram feed to see her go through a haircut spree.

Multidimensional tapered haircut.
Danai Gurira is the queen of maintaining natural hair color. This tapered haircut was designed by Larry Jarah Sims.

Long on top, short on back and sides.
You can still keep a bit of length, or trim your existing hair into a similar hairstyle. It’s not often we get to see Gabrielle Union’s natural haircut, but it looks amazing.

Curly bobblehead.
Yara Shahidi is a curly-haired queen who loves to keep her hair fresh. This hairstyle will set off your face shape and is perfect for any event.

short-fingered curls
You can definitely pull off this look, as seen on Ruth Negga (Lacy Redway’s look). This hairstyle is simple, no fuss and no time consuming. Just use your fingers to style your curls the way you want them to look.

great dagger
Is it really necessary to do something drastic? Learn from Dewanda Wise and cut it all out, sister.

Short, cut out.
Model and “RHOA” star Eva Marcille mimicked the model and “RHOA” look by cutting her hair short and then de-wetting the look with product.