Popsicles That You Won’t Find in the Freezer Section

It’s the middle of summer – dare we say we’ve lost our craving for hot, gooey brownies? Then again, the balmy temperatures weren’t enough to completely kill our sweet tooth…yet. We want popsicles, ice cream and no-bake desserts. So, if you’ve perfected your no-bake cheesecake and you want to feel like a food whiz (with minimal effort) , you can try homemade popsicles.

Chances are, you have a box (or three) of your favorite childhood popsicles in the fridge. We can’t imagine giving these up, nor would we ask anyone to. We’re offering more grown-up alternatives for when you’re craving something different than a frozen sugar bomb. In fact, some recipes don’t use white sugar at all. These adult popsicles will appeal to the sophisticated side of your palate, thanks to creative combinations, gorgeous colors (and the occasional ho-hum option.)

These sophisticated popsicles aren’t anything you’ll find in the frozen section or even the best stocked grocery stores. And they make use of those long-ago popsicle molds that you bought online. Hooray for that! Click through the photo gallery to see 13 delicious and easy adult popsicle recipe ideas. It’s time to clear out some freezer space.

Matcha, Avocado, Coconut and Chocolate Popsicles.
These gorgeous green popsicles get their signature hue from benign ingredients like avocado and matcha powder. The healthy quota of sugar-free popsicles is supported by the use of medjool dates as a sweetener – if you use coconut milk! Or nut milks, they’re vegan. We can accurately call them healthy and delicious. Twice as tasty.

Bourbon and pineapple popsicles.
Bourbon on a popsicle? This could be a new way for many people to have a little drink. This popsicle is like a frozen bourbon yogurt, but with pineapple instead of lemon. The brown sugar adds a lip-smacking caramel flavor that complements the tart fruit and booze.

Blueberry Lavender Cream Cheese Popsicle
Before, you may have thought lavender smelled like grandma’s soap. Now, your developed palate may appreciate the floral aroma it gives off, especially to fruit. If that’s the case, this blueberry and lavender popsicle recipe is just what you need to do to get the balance just right. The wafer offers a nice bit of crunch and the cream cheese lends some subtle acidity. Think of the cookie as a cone and you have a popsicle and ice cream in one.

coffee popsicle
Love iced coffee? Then these coffee popsicles are the perfect choice. Latte fans can play around with the recipe for a frozen version of their favorite caffeinated beverage by blending instant coffee with different milk ratios.

mixed fruit popsicle
These beautiful purple popsicles are described as “smoothies on a stick”. No offense to our go-to smoothie, but frozen treats can be even more addictive. This version uses bananas, blueberries, lemons, purple grapes, and peaches. Feel free to add and subtract ingredients depending on what you have in your fridge/freezer and what is at the peak of its season.

Matcha, mango and coconut popsicles.
It’s never too hot for this refreshing popsicle recipe. They have a double dose of coconut, thanks to coconut milk and dried coconut. (The latter is great for those who like a bit of texture in their iced popcorn.) The versatile recipe can be sweetened with anything you like, including maple syrup, granulated stevia, or another sugar substitute.

Non-alcoholic pina colada popsicles.
If you like pina coladas…. You’ll love these non-alcoholic popsicles. (See what we did there?) Simple popsicles only require two ingredients. But if you want to add a third ho-hum ingredient, go ahead. In addition to adding a few ingredients, the rum will help prevent the popsicles from freezing too hard.

Raspberry Cherry Lemonade Bone Broth Popsicles
These look like regular raspberry popsicles, but like we gave in the title, they feature cherry lemonade – the And bone broth. Lick your paleo heart. Frozen snacks will boost your collagen intake, while fruit will keep the beefy flavor.

Lavender and Lemon Balm Popsicles
Popsicles can be a delicious frozen end to a heavy meal. This herbal popsicle recipe is a great choice because it’s good for the digestive system – it can even help reduce stress. These tasty popsicles are sure to be a hit with tea drinkers.

Lime Mint Popsicle
These mint lime water popsicles have a mojito flavor, but are more hydrating because they are alcohol-free. The vegan base is made with water, lime juice and maple syrup, blended with fresh mint leaves and lime slices for an extra pop of flavor! .

Sparkling water and peach popsicles
Get creative with the basics. Freeze your favorite flavored sparkling water with sliced fruit and it becomes a hydrating drink. For a more adult version, add mint leaves and vodka. Voila, a frozen cocktail in stick form.

Earl Grey and Pistachio Popsicles
Who’s being fancy now? When you were a kid, you probably never would have thought of Earl Grey tea and pistachio popsicles. But one lick of the delicate flavors will delight your mature taste buds. This popsicle shows how to properly make warm cinnamon and cardamom on a hot day.

Vegan Pina Colada Dragon Fruit Popsicles
Why we never thought to use dragon fruit (a.k.a. pitaya) on a popsicle before we’ve tried just about everything! Other fruit? These pina colada popsicles are a very Instagrammable reminder. They might even inspire you to add dragon fruit to your traditional pina colada drink.