Perfect Beauty Products to Gift This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is rich with fragrant bouquets and delicious chocolates, but sometimes you want to change things up a bit. If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who likes to entertain himself, then these fun and frivolous finds would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You can even purchase a few items from this list and create a DIY basket.
Formulary 55 Love Potion 9 in Shea Butter Bath Bombs, $10.
Make Valentine’s Day very elegant with this handsome soap from Formulary 55. Not only is it beautifully packaged, but it smells of Italian bergamot, smoky, amber, balsam, jasmine, musk, honey, rose and A touch of champagne. TIP: Wrap this up with a bottle of real bubbly!
Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Polishing Lip Scrub, $20.
Valentine’s Day is all about giving your lips a little action, which makes Naturopathica’s new Juicy Cherry Lip Scrub! Be the winning choice this February 14. This natural product is a blend of finely ground cherry seeds, sweet cherry puree, jojoba seed oil, sunflower oil and hibiscus flower extract to help physically Sexually buff away dead skin while conditioning the lips.
Lush Peachy & Eggplant Bath Salts, $6.95 each.
Lush made a big splash last Valentine’s Day with their Peachy and Eggplant Emoji bath salts, so they’re bringing back this hottie duo! Bring it back. This set also comes in a soap version, so you have options. Either way, you’ll definitely elicit a coy smile with this one.
Otherland Candle + Personalized Matchbox, $36
No bath time would be complete without a candle burning in the background, and Otherland’s has you completely covered. Not only are its candles beautiful and uniquely scented, but each order comes with a personalized box of matches (imagine. (You can engrave the sweet what!) Daybed – the scent of rosebuds, peonies and pear water – especially for Valentine’s Day. So does Chandelier, which smells like champagne, saffron and leather.
Lord Jones Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Hemp Derived CBD Glue, $50.
In lieu of chocolate this Valentine’s Day, we recommend a box of Lord Jones’ limited edition Valentine’s Day CBD candies. The candy assortment includes eight passionfruit gummies and one raspberry gummy – each with 20 mg of CBD – and Beautifully wrapped. If you really want to spoil your gift, pair it with Lord Jones + Tamara Mellon! High CBD Formula Stiletto Cream, $70.
Tiffany & Co., Tiffany & Love Eau de Parfum for Her, $105 Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette for Women.
Perfume is always a welcome gift for this romantic holiday season, and you can certainly opt for EDPs, but this year we’re recommending It’s the latest fragrance from Tiffany & Co., Tiffany & Love. A soft, floral fragrance with notes of blue basil, orange blossom and blue cedar. Tiffany & Love There is also an EDT fragrance for men that is also made of a lighter, more woody and masculine feel.
Kora Organics Rose Quartz Heart Shaped Facial Sculptor, $58.
A beauty stand is truly complete without at least one guasha tool or roller delicately perched on top of it! ? Kora Organics, brought to us by supermodel Miranda Kerr, this Valentine’s Day! Bringing you her gorgeous facial sculpt, it helps stimulate circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and relieves tension. The fact that it’s shaped like a heart makes it perfect for this holiday season. We recommend pairing it with a luxurious face oil.
NCLA The Love Duo Nail Lacquer, $32.
NCLA’s holiday set creates the perfect love manicure in just a few strokes. One offers a pale pink cream base, while the other adds vibrancy through multi-colored heart-shaped block glitter.