New Curly Hair Products You Need in Your Life

As someone with curly hair, I know how hard it is to keep my curls soft, smooth and frizz-free. I’m always looking for new products to make my hair easier, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately to see more and more products formulated specifically for curly hair. Here are the new products that interest me most. Your curls will thank me!

Patterned Beauty Shower Brush, $17
Who else is afraid to brush their curls? There is no need to be afraid anymore. This talented shower brush is designed for the curls, curls, and tight texture of hair developed by “Brunette” star Tracee Ellis Ross. This brush will gently condition wet hair (it’s meant to be used with a conditioner) for a more defined volume. It is also very easy to clean. Simply slide out the rubber pad and you’ll be able to clean out the hair that gets stuck in the brush.

Odele Air Dry Styler, $11.99
I like to air dry my hair because it saves me a lot of time. That’s why I’m so excited about this cream, which is formulated for fine or medium texture wavy curls. This sulfate-free, phthalate- and paraben-free formula suppresses frizz and adds shine to a perfectly curly look.

Hair Food Mango & Aloe Curl Defining Smoothie, $9.94.
I have a lot of leave-in conditioners in my shower and I will definitely be adding this one to the mix. This moisturizing formula contains aloe vera to boost moisture, and mango to define your curls for super-soft, frizz-free hair.

Unwash Curls Dry Facial Cleanser, $25
Finally, a dry shampoo just for us curly people. In addition to refreshing the hair in between shampoos, it also sets the curls. Spray on this dry shampoo for cleaner, softer hair……… Don’t worry about getting gray hair.

Conair InfinitiPro by Conair Natural Texture Dryer, $39.99.
If you have curly hair, then you know that the right hair dryer (and nozzle) can make all the difference in the look of your spiral. This hair dryer has a patent-pending diffuser that enhances the natural texture of your hair and gives you smooth, shiny hair.

Mizani True Textures Cream Cleansing Conditioner, $26
Cleansing conditioners are all the rage for curly hair, and there’s a reason for that, as they can provide a lot of moisture. This sulfate-free cleansing conditioner contains plenty of ingredients that are good for your curls, including coconut oil, calendula oil and olive oil.

Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Refreshing Curl Foam, $8.99.
Curly hair looking a little dull? This has happened to me. Add bounce to your Day 2 or Day 3 curls with this bouncy foam. It contains no dyes or alcohol, so it will never dry out your hair.

Pacifica Pineapple Curls Curly Styling Shampoo, $10.
When it comes to shampooing curls, I’m well aware that not all shampoos are created equal. You need a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients, and this shampoo is perfect for that. With pineapple, argan oil, quinoa and hyaluronic acid, it’s time to say hello to soft, curly hair.

Cake Beauty’s Curly Hair Whip, $8.99.
Gone are the days of the mousse that makes your curls go saggy (my nightmare). In fact, you’ll want to touch your hair all day and marvel at how soft it feels after using this mousse. It adds volume and definition to curly hair while preventing moisture.

Moroccanoil Intensive Moisturizing Mask Case, $7
The popular Moroccanoil Intensive Moisturizing Hair Mask, $35, you know and love is now in a handy bag that you can stash in your bag for travel. (I know I’ll take it with me on my next trip.) Improve the look and feel of your curls with this incredibly rich mask for curls in the shower. It’s formulated with argan oil, glycerin and flaxseed extract for thick and dry wavy, curly and frizzy hair, softening your strands and leaving them silky smooth and full of shine.