Natural Hairstyles That Are Great for Fancy Events

You’ve been invited to a big party or wedding, you’ve sorted out your outfit, and you know what makeup to wear…….. But, what to do with your hair?
There’s a stereotype that natural hair can’t look fancy enough for a big party unless it’s straightened and then made to look “acceptable” by Western beauty standards, but that’s not true. Natural hair can be varied, beautiful, and interesting in any state – and these hairstyles will prove it to you.
For this look, you’re going to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb at the roots to elongate the curls and fluff them up like Solange did.
Maria Borges.
Be sure to let your brunette pick out and make your hair look more condescending.
Kimberly Elise
Apply a generous amount of curling cream or curl cream to your hair, then curl it with your fingers on each section of hair, then insert bobby pins on each side of your head.
Janelle Monet.
You’ll need to comb your hair out, possibly with heat. Then, tie a head knot and sweep the rest of the hair behind your head to hold it in place before adding accessories.
Tracee Ellis Ross
Use a paddle brush to deconstruct the curls until you’re happy with the look to get those big, loose curls.
Zo? Kravitz
Who says braids can’t be elegant? Stars on the red carpet have been wearing this look a lot lately – it adds a lot of flair to the elegant look.
Tessa Thompson.
The actress looks very cool with this double ponytail/milk girl braid combo.
Kerry Washington.
You want to stretch your curls and tease at the roots – and then, just add a pretty accessory to make it come alive.
Uzo Aduba
These little braids are a fun addition to any outfit, whether it’s super fancy or something more.
Danielle Brooks
The curls come to life! Danielle went for a big split last year and her flattering curls are adorable.
Sana Ratan.
Even if you have a TWA (aka girly curls), you can still get full curls. Use the product to curl wet or damp hair, then curl each section with your fingers. Let it air dry (or use a diffuser), and then, divide the curls into sections for a complete look. Don’t forget the bangs!
Issa Rae.
Comb your hair on top, then braid most of it and tie it in a knot so that the hair underneath is folded out. (Tip: You may need to use hair extensions for this look.)
Amandla Steinberg
Pull those curls back and add a pretty headpiece and some nice neon eye makeup.
Yara Shahidi
Tie all of your hair together at the top of your head, then tie it back, stretching your curls out slightly and tying them into a flowing ponytail.
Alicia Keys.
Slip your hair down with a styling gel and tie it into a low ponytail, fluff it up, then add hairspray to set it.