Must-Have Detanglers That’ll Make Your Curls Popular

When your natural hair is prone to tangles, keeping it unknotted and looking good can be quite a task (no need to pull half your hair out and comb it every time).
We’re sure you’ve tried a lot of shampoos and deep conditioners to make your hair smoother and easier to manage, but curly hair always needs a little extra care. So whether you have tight curls in 4C or fine curls, these hair removers will keep your curls in top shape. It’s time to get your curls in shape!
Pantene Gold Series Hair Removal Milk, $7.98.
This cute product can make your hair fall out without making your hair feel greasy. It’s especially good for people with 4C hair, as its smoothing ingredients allow you to easily comb through natural strands with a wide tooth comb without breaking hair.
Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer, $28.
Want to keep your hair protected from the sun? With this product, you have it, it’s more suitable for long, fine hair. Also, if you do use a hot tool to perfect your curls, this product will protect your hair from the heat and will also make your hair soft and manageable.
Felicia Leatherwood Pink Hair Removal Brush, $16.99.
While finger hair removal has its benefits, it’s not for everyone – besides, sometimes you just want to brush your hair with an actual brush. So, to keep your curls safe, invest in a widely spaced elastic brush like this one that can properly comb your hair without breaking.
Sebastian Potion 9, $18.95
It is a salon-grade product for girls who can curl their hair as soon as they wash it. It is a wearable care product infused with botanical extracts that restore lost moisture and can be used for styling thanks to its flexible hold.
Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment, $14.50
It is a hair loss agent, moisturizer, anti-frizz agent, heat styling agent and color protector all in one. It also repairs the inner structure of the hair and the outer cuticle, making it easier to smooth matte or damaged hair.
Shea Butter Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisturizing Exfoliator, $11.99
Need to nurture your hair back to health? Like products with natural ingredients that will protect and repair your hair? You’ve found it. Shea butter and argan oil are especially helpful in reversing any damage, deeply nourishing and hydrating dry, tinted or hot permed hair, from root to tip.
DevaCurl Comb-Free Styling Spray, $20.
It’s light, fresh, and sweetly scented with a blend of botanicals that lock in moisture and give your curls a smoother look. It is suitable for wavy, curly and super curly hair.
Naturally Smitten Free Tangle Pudding, $10.99.
Who wouldn’t want to use something with marshmallow root in their hair? Sounds like it works! This tangle-free pudding is able to revitalize natural hair while loosening knots and tangles. The marshmallow root also works with macadamia oil to soften the strands, ensuring your curly moments are nourished and soft.