Music Festival-Ready Nail Art Ideas

With festival season upon us, music lovers everywhere are getting ready to spend their weekends seeing their favorite bands live (and dancing)! (The Night). Make no mistake, your Instagram feed is about to be inundated with 70’s style beauties dressed up in a dressing room full of People, food and fun are big areas.
Now, when it comes to the look of nails, decorating your digits in fun, holiday inspired nail art designs can be just as much Conversation starter, as with any other aspect of your look – you know that style is key for the holiday season.
So whether you’re more into keeping things a little more feminine and sophisticated with some ’60s-style florals, or you’re ready to Good use of neon colors, peace signs and smiley faces to go all out, trust us. There’s a Coachella-ready design out there for you (heck, it might even help ease your FOMO if (You’re sitting this holiday season out). We’ve rounded up some of our favorite nail art ideas before the slideshow.
Pull out your numbers to rock – especially if they’re covered in stars, stripes, and lightning to match the holiday spirit.
Flower festivals
If this negative space daisy design doesn’t scream Coachella, we don’t know what will. Simply apply a clear base coat and create tiny floral nail art on each finger.
jelly pin
What better way to take the jelly manicure trend out for a spin?
Bohemian Princess
We know that the hippie look is the unofficial wardrobe of many spring and summer festivals. Why not apply the same theory to your nails?
Golden ornaments
To add a little flair to your typical nail design, use fun, holiday inspired designs with gold stickers. It’s quick, easy, and will definitely be a conversation starter when it comes to befriending new buds.
Everything about the elements.
First of all, we’re always ready to say ‘yes’ to glitter on our nails, especially when it comes to looking this chic. When it comes to a cool sun-inspired design, you can definitely count us in.
Vitality of the 90s
Party with 90’s style nail art on a clear base. Eyes, smiley faces, rainbows and peace signs will keep you festive from head to toe.
gold leaf
There’s nothing cooler than these teeny-tiny gold studs.
yin and yang
Keep your nail art balanced by incorporating yin and yang symbols into one of your numbers. It looks even more appropriate when you add some peace symbols into the mix.
Bring on the shine!
Want to get extra festive during the holidays? Try adding some decal strips to your manicure.
Neon lights on your face.
One thing you should know about holiday manicures? Neon is all the rage. Don’t be afraid to bring the color!