Models Dish on the Worst Beauty Disasters They’ve Dealt With

We tend to equate the word “model” with perfection, and while they do have the “very good looking” gene, that doesn’t mean they’re indifferent to the disaster of beauty. Models deal with pimples, hair color, waxing, etc. just like the rest of us. Want proof? Just read these hilarious “beauty disasters” that the runway models shared with us backstage at New York Fashion Week (we can laugh now that it’s a thing of the past)
A tragic chemical cut.
“A few years ago, I tried to pursue the silver-gray hair trend, and as a result I bleached my hair to maximum volume, and the next thing I knew I had a very short chemical reaction to the hair. “It’s ironic that what should have been very cool blonde hair has turned into Thea’s bobblehead,” says Denise Bidot of The Blonds, “It’s ironic!” .” In that moment, it was nothing short of a spectacle. Some of the front hair was so short it looked like I had shaved my head and it took a long time to grow back. Jonathan Van Ness is my go-to stylist and he really helped me save my hair. He told me that he knew he loved me before I turned to him and said, ‘I’m still cute, aren’t I? ‘”
Wrong cases of eyebrow hair removal
My biggest beauty disaster – and I’m sure we’ve all been there – was taking almost the entire eyebrow off. “This happened four years ago before a show at New York Fashion Week, and now they’re growing back,” says Hunter McGrady, who we interviewed at Chromat.” I had to draw them over until they grew back. I found Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyebrow pencils to work well in this regard. Also, Glossier’s Boy Brow is another favorite of mine because it gives them a little more volume.”
A face that takes many days to hide.
“I had a facial liposuction in Mexico City and it was super, super demanding,” says Ashley Karah, whom we interviewed backstage at Rebecca Minkoff. They basically pulled out everything, even the stuff that wasn’t ready,” she said. It definitely helped my skin in the end, but my skin was really red and inflamed and left a lot of marks, and I stayed home for days afterwards.”
Curling attack.
“One time, I dropped my curling iron on my leg, leaving a very visible burn mark. I covered it up as best I could, but really, I only had to live with it for a while. Even now, it still has a little white mark where the skin was burned,” recalls Isabella Rickel of Alice + Olivia.
DIY Beauty Transformed into DIY Dye
“One time I tried a DIY mask with turmeric and it turned my skin yellow. It’s not that bad because my skin is darker, but it’s like this pale yellow-orange glow that doesn’t look natural.” Achenrin Madit, who we interviewed at Jason Wu, said.” This hue stayed for about three days and had to be covered up with makeup. I’ve learned to always test anything before applying it to your whole face.”
Sheet masks that should never have been worn.
“I love those flake masks that I buy randomly at the drugstore, and I didn’t check reviews for one I tried recently. I noticed a tingling sensation that I thought was part of the mask, but when I took it off, I found my face was flaming red.” Rebecca Minkoff backstage, Mara Martin, recalls.” I don’t know what’s in this mask, but I know I will never buy it again. To help soothe the skin, I put frozen peas on my face.” Moral of the story: always spot check and carry a bag of frozen vegetables with you.
The most stubborn extension glue ever.
“I did a portrait once where they did glue curls on my hair and after the shoot, I kept picking at the glue on my scalp for about a week,” said Dakota Rhae backstage at Alice + Olivia.” It was like a black, tar-like glue that stuck to your scalp. It was a mess. I had to use a fine-toothed tick comb because I couldn’t get it out with a regular brush or comb. I also tried to get it out with a bunch of products, but the only thing that worked was combing it over and over with a comb.”
Plagued by boxed hair dyes.
“I tried boxed dyes on my hair and once tried to dye my hair a taupe color and ended up with this horrible orange-red color, I don’t know if it’s the brand or what, but it’s terrible. “I couldn’t re-dye it right away, so I just hung out backstage for a while,” said Kristina Elise backstage at Veronica Beard. People are saying, ‘Did you dye your hair?’ but they don’t really compliment me…. I waited six to eight weeks to re-dye my hair to its current color.”
A careless moustache.
When I first started high school, I wanted to get my upper lip waxed – you know, when you first start school, you want to be perfect. Anyway, just after I waxed, I applied acne cream all over my entire face and ended up causing burns on my upper lip where I waxed it,” said Stephanie Jackson backstage at Pamella Roland.” It looks like I’ve grown a French moustache. I try to cover it up with a lot of foundation and concealer, but people definitely notice. It may have only taken a week or so to recover, but at that moment it was so scarred.”