Manicurists Share Six Amazing Products That Make Nails Healthier

We talk a lot about what nail polish colors are depending on the season, or which styles are on their way to retirement or have made a comeback (French manicure, anyone?) Yes, when it comes down to it, your nail health is more important than any of the above things. We asked nail experts to share their favorite products for healthier nails – these were their choices.

Product: Zoya Women’s Starter Kit, $25
“The Zoya Naked Manicure System is my favorite product to restore damaged nails to health. Their all-inclusive manicurists provide you with near-perfect nails while taking care of tips to restore health.” Mazz Hanna says she is a celebrity manicurist for stars like Julia Roberts, Selma Blair, Halsey and more.” I recommend gently sanding the fingerboard before applying to eliminate any damage.” This four-piece system includes primer, perfecter, white tip perfecter and satin sealer.

This product.Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum Pen, $24.
Keeping your cuticles nourished and hydrated means they look and feel great and perform better in a nail salon.” When a guest’s cuticle is unhealthy or dry, the cuticle tends to stick tightly to the deck. In this case, I have to use more force than healthy nails to make them look smoother around the cuticle line.” Jennifer Delgado, regional master manicurist at PROSE Salon, said.” This product has a great impact on the health of the cuticle, which in turn makes my job as a professional manicurist much easier.” Apply it twice a day before bedtime, she says, which allows the product to soak through the night without being washed or rubbed off.

This product.CND Vinylux Weekly Varnish, $10.50
CND is one of the outdoor OG nail products companies that, in addition to their high quality products, have always been clearly focused on nail health.” CND Vinylux is varnished weekly, dries fast, and looks amazing on it. “It’s the longest lasting regular natural nail polish I’ve ever used,” says Delgado. No primer is needed, just two thin coats of nail polish. You just need to apply two coats of your favorite nail polish and finish with Vinylux as a top coat. I also recommend applying cuticle oil on a regular basis to keep your nails flexible and extend wearability for even longer.”

This product. mazz hanna cuticle oil, $28.
Hanna may be partial to her own products, but this one deserves rave reviews anyway. It’s formulated with moisturizing jojoba and hemp seed oils, as well as lavender and geranium essential oils to help stimulate nail growth and health, says Hanna, “Just apply it to the cuticle a few times a day, or when you feel like biting or picking. This product is perfect for your morning and evening beauty. In addition, amethyst tumblers can help prevent bites and pricks, a common culprit for damaged nails.”

This product, CND SolarOil, retails for $8.24.
“It’s a deep, fast-penetrating nail and cuticle conditioning treatment that helps soften the cuticle, promote strong, resilient, natural-looking nails and lift,” says Linh Trinh, an editorial nail technician from New York.” The formula is a natural blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E to create a light penetrating oil with antioxidants.”

This product.Orly Nailtrition, $15
Peeling nails is the scariest (insert Jean Ralfio meme here), but there are definitely ways to curb the problem.Hanna says that Orly’s Nailtrition is one of her favorites, and in response, she adds that the price point is “accessible to everyone.” Apply the product once a day for seven days without pulling it off. On the seventh day, you use a nail polish remover to remove the makeup and repeat for another seven days.”

This product.Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream, $39.99
You didn’t think we’d forget about your feet, did you? Delgado said: “This product is revolutionary – especially in dry climates. When used regularly, it will heal dry cracks in the heel and even repair rough patches on the skin, such as elbows or cracked knuckles.” The killer combination of emu oil and tea tree oil means your skin and cuticle are nourished and hydrated, and it also helps to destroy bacteria that can cause inflammation or infection. Although it is aimed at your feet, you can also use it on your hands or other areas of your body that need maintenance, such as your elbows or knees.