Luxe Headbands to Rock All Holiday Season

When it comes to preparing for the holidays, we tend to think of others before ourselves. Yes, gift-giving is one of the most enjoyable parts of the season – but that’s not to say you should completely forget yourself! After all, you still need to show off your charm at the celebration. After all, you still need to show off your glamour at the celebration….. So, to help you take any outfit to the next level of glamour, check out these 14 luxurious headpieces below that are worth rocking throughout the festival (and beyond). Please make them a gift from us to you.
Lele Sadoughi Burgundy Mixed Crystal Headband, $198.
This furry velvet headband is adorned with a variety of eye-catching rainbow colored gems that are sure to turn heads.
Namjosh Arabella black headband, $50.
This bow-inspired black beaded headband will take all black looks to the next level.
Sugarfix by BaubleBar Gem Embellished Headband, $14.99.
This grey-blue woven headband will add a touch of luxury to any holiday look.
Jennifer Behr Lorelei forest-colored headband, $298.
Pay homage to the tree of the season with this lush forest green velvet bandana.
. Red Stuart plaid headband knotted turban, $30.
This plaid turban is perfect for the holidays. Pair it with a red, green, cream, black or blue sweater and you’re good to go.
BaubleBar Beaded Bead Headband, $98.
This pearl embellished turban will give your look a classic touch.
Shashi Fantasia Headband, $88
This multi-colored crystal headband is the epitome of holiday charm.
Lele Sadoughi Dusty Blonde Mixed Color Crystal Padded Headband, $198.
This taupe headband has a vintage feel with its padded, bedding design.
BaubleBar Annie Pearl Beaded Headband, navy blue, $48.
Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah or simply obsessed with blue, the beauty of this bead is sure to “dress up” your holiday with a touch of royalty.
Namjosh Moon Garden Turban, $55.
This dazzling red hairband perfectly illustrates the charm and glamour of the holiday season.
Tasha Ruched Headband (Burgundy), $26.
This gathered headscarf creates a rich feel with layers and layers of fabric to accentuate any hairstyle.
Anthropologie Rachel’s tiara, navy blue, $18.
Want to feel like a medieval queen at your next holiday party? So, here’s a holiday hijab for you.
Loeffler Randall Knot headscarf, $65.
This champagne colored knotted turban creates a fun, festive atmosphere.
BaubleBar Twist Knot Headpiece, $42.
This red twist turban is just as appropriate for the holidays as a day at the beach.
Sincerely Jules by Scunci turban headband, $9.99.
Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with the classics. The Satin turban hijab is on, and we especially love this blush pink option.
Sugarfix by BaubleBar Floral Print Embellished Headband, $14.99
This black beaded headband offers a simple, elegant touch that can’t be ignored.
Lelet NY Monogram headband, $178.
Frankly, we’re obsessed with these ribbon-wrapped tiaras and pearl or rhinestone patterned tiaras.