Level Up Your Brow Game With Those New Launches

Whether you’re a no-makeup girl, a real no-makeup girl, or someone who likes to go all out, eyebrows are important. As insignificant as they may seem – they’re just hair, right? – Eyebrows anchor your face, affect the way your facial structure looks, and can even affect how others perceive your mood and emotions. Trends have changed over the decades, but today, we’re used to healthy, natural, untrimmed brows that still look healthy and natural, which is a treat for any face. The launch of these refreshing eyebrows can help you achieve this goal exactly.
Urban Decay Inked Brow, $26
Urban Decay has always excelled at creating reliable makeup that won’t melt or move as the day goes on; its famous eye shadow primer and All Nighter setting spray are perfect examples. The brand has recently launched a new range of eyebrow products and we’ve highlighted this eyebrow gel in particular. This high-tech formula creates naturally good-looking eyebrows that are smudge and sweat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about smearing, flaking, fading or transferring.
Milani Precision Eyebrow Pencil, $7.99.
When it comes to the eyebrow game, the drugstore market will make your wallet more secure, and this high-performance eyebrow pencil is the best proof of that. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to high-end options, leaving groomed, fluffy brows in less than a minute with a brow brush at one end and a waxy brow pencil at the other.
Iconic London Eyebrow Silk, $23
Iconic London, in collaboration with Patrick Ta, recently launched Brow Silk – a luxurious way to create perfectly feathered brows, says Patrick Ta, who first pre-fills them with a brow pencil in thin areas, then sprays a setting mist on a golden brow trimmer, then picks up a brow cream to create a thinning brow. With short, upward strokes, push the hairs upward for a full, feathery effect, then set with a flat brush on the back of the brush.
Tweezerman Brow Grooming Scissors and Brow Brush, $19.79.
If your eyebrows are growing and growing all the time, then a little trimming in between each visit to the salon can help you keep them in shape. This eyebrow shaping scissors and brush set from Tweezerman (aka the king of facial hair) will allow you to trim with precision. The scissors have an ultra-thin blade designed specifically for eyebrows, and the contoured shape makes them easier to handle. Brush your eyebrows up and trim as needed.
Kiss Top Eyebrow Gel, $8.94
After spending a lot of time creating your eyebrows, it makes sense to seal them all up. This clear brow gel does just that. The non-sticky formula helps the feathery effect and ensures the eyebrows stay up all day long. You can use it on your favorite brow powder, brow cream and brow pencil.
Essence Highlighter Brow Lift, $2.99.
In addition to grooming the eyebrows, a little bit of contouring can also help create a brightening effect around the eyes. This genius eyebrow highlighter is essentially a pink concealer that is applied just below the eyebrows to create the illusion of height. It has a creamy texture and is easy to blend.
BeautyBlender The Player three-way brow brush, $28.
Everyone knows Beautyblender’s teardrop-shaped makeup sponges, but the brand has recently ventured into new territory with makeup brushes. The brand’s eyebrow brush is a one-stop shopping hero for your eyebrow needs. It features a brush/brush combo at one end and a dense brow brush at the other.