Knockout Nail Designs for Short Nails

No long nails? No problem. You can still create dazzling nail art on these 10 mini panels. Whether you a) struggle with long nails, b) can’t trim with sharp claw-like nails, c) prefer shorter shapes, or d) all of the above, there are plenty of nail art designs that can work with your nail length.
In other words? If you are a girl with short nails and sometimes feel left out of the nail art world…….. We see you. In fact, the focus of nail art on super long nails may be changing. According to Pinterest, searches for nail art on short nails have increased by 46%, and there are so many gorgeous and unique designs. In addition, almost all designs for long nails can be easily adapted to short nails.

The art of dipping and embellishing nails
Who needs a long French manicure when the tips of short nails can be accented with pink? Use a barely neutral nail polish as a base, or keep your nails natural.

Shattered glass manicure.
Proof that broken glass nails, no matter how short, work well on any nail shape – especially with metallic gold bands and coordinated jewelry.

Abstract Painting Nail Art
Short nails are the perfect little canvas for this abstract design.

A Little Cherry Nail Art
Cherry on top? More like cherries everywhere, thanks to this exquisite nail art.

Zodiac Sign Nail Art
There’s still plenty of room on a short nail to create whimsical twelve sign designs. This version is out of this world (sorry).

Avocado nails
Because we can never have too much avocado. There’s no toast in this fun nail art, but it’s so cute, we guarantee you won’t miss it.

Speckled Leopard Manicure
Leopard print is #trendy, so this manicure is perfect. The number of spots can easily increase or decrease in proportion, depending on how short the nail is.

Retro Graphic Line Nail Art
Bold, graphic and 60’s style, this nail piece has a vintage aesthetic that we can’t get enough of.

Striped French Nail Art
Updated French nails are one of the biggest nail trends of the moment. This striped color block design adds richness to short nails.Pro-tip: This nail art works better when paired with clothing.

Mickey Mouse Nail Art
Bring a little Disney magic to your fingers with these mini Mickey Mouse. The cute placement makes Mickey look like he’s going to jump out and surprise everyone.

Clean lines manicure.
Attention all minimalist lovers. This manicure is for you. The lines of the stacked rings look even more beautiful.

Starlight and Sparkle Nail Art
This playful manicure feels like a party at your fingertips thanks to the bright colors, shimmering colors, and star design.

Rorschach Red Seal Manicure
Is it a ram, a snake or a hat? No matter what shape you see, everyone should agree that this is a fun and easy short nail art idea.

Black and white spotted nail art.
Spots of all shapes and sizes are suitable for short nails. You may never guess it, but this dynamic monochrome manicure is inspired by what you find under the microscope.

Desert Scene Nail Art
This manicure is perfectly suited to take you out into the desert at dusk, without the exhausting ride.