Is Emsculpt The Slimming Hack You Are Waiting For?

For the most part, the adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” always applies. But even so…. Despite the fact that I actually like to exercise and enjoy eating healthy food, when I scroll on Instagram. Emsculpt’s post has always caught my eye. Could it be an exception to that old adage? Could it be “too good” and “real”?
If your feed hasn’t been flooded with enticing Emsculpt posts, here’s a primer. Emsculpt is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, electromagnetic procedure that claims to eliminate fat cells and tighten muscles with zero Downtime. You can leave the doctor’s office in less than an hour. Many of the posts I’ve seen are postpartum women showing off their bodies, looking just as radiant as they did before they gave birth!
A very frequent advocate of Emsculpt is fitness influencer Lauren Ashley, who happens to be married to a man who specializes in Minimally invasive body sculpting and skin tightening by plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein. Ashley looked amazing before, during and after her pregnancy, so naturally I wanted to know more. Like many of the women I see on social media, she credits the treatment with helping her get rid of stubborn fat.
But there are many important questions to consider. First, does Emsculpt actually do what it says it does? Does it apply to everyone? Of course, we’d all like to know how much it costs….
What is Emsculpt?
“Emsculpt is used in our practice to promote healthy lifestyles,” said Dr. Neinstein. ” I believe that any device or program should be an adjunct to, not a replacement for, good nutrition and exercise. For those looking to kick-start their fitness journey or enhance their current training, Emsculpt is a great of regular supplementation.”
Celebrity dermatologist and skin surgeon Dr. Dennis Gross, who doesn’t offer this treatment in his practice, agrees that this kind of Says he, “Patients who are already healthy, with little excess fat, see the best results.” You should think of it as a body contouring treatment, not a replacement for exercise.”
What are the disadvantages of Emsculpt?
However, results in favor of those who are already healthy are not the only problem some people may have.Emsculpt’s main The downside is that, just like diet and exercise, the results are not permanent and they require regular maintenance.” For best results, it is recommended that you have four treatments over a two-week period and you will need to return for additional treatments,” Gross Dr. says. The resulting changes in muscle size and strength are permanent, and the only way to maintain them is through exercise and a healthy diet. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that Emsculpt can get you to your physical goals much faster.
How does Emsculpt actually work?
“Emsculpt works by stimulating your muscles, causing them to contract quickly,” says Dr. Gross.” It builds muscle tissue, just like you would at the gym, but much faster – and with much less effort on the patient’s part! . It burns fat and tones target muscles.” William Atkinson, CEO of wellness center Let Loose ) Explain in specific terms that in one 30-minute session, you essentially get the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or 2 The effect of 10,000 squats depends on the area you are targeting.
Although, as mentioned earlier, seeing your muscles “pop” from making your body go through the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups will undoubtedly There are benefits for those who are already on the lean side, but muscle strength improves for everyone.” Lean people can achieve six-pack abs and a butt lift, while those with higher body fat gain muscle tone, but don’t get the kind of The appearance of a tear.” Dr. Neinstein adds that patients who have recently undergone tummy tuck liposuction like the treatment.” In my liposuction procedure, I bring the skin closer to the muscle and with Emsculpt, the muscle will begin to appear.”
Why do I need to get an Artist Shape?
Pregnancy is a common reason for Emsculpt treatment.” Emsculpt is the first device to help close the rectus abdominis, or the enlargement of muscles that have relaxed due to pregnancy.” Dr. Neinstein said.” It can start as early as a few weeks after pregnancy and can be done while breastfeeding. It quickly gives moms a jumpstart to regain their core strength.”
What does an Emsculpt session entail?
“It’s a 30-minute session with clothes on,” explains Dr. Neinstein.” It’s a unique sensation of muscle contraction that can feel intense at times, but it’s not painful.” At his clinic, four 30-minute sessions sell for $3,000, which is consistent with the other two clinics consulted for this story . Arguably this is not a cheap treatment, plus the results are not permanent, which may lead some to question whether it’s worth them The disposable income. Consistent with the pricing, Atkinson emphasizes that doing Emsculpt for special occasions is very popular.
So…. . should you go for Emsculpt?
Bottom line: if you have disposable income and are looking to tighten up, Emsculpt is actually a treatment! It seems to live up to expectations. If you’re willing to work on your diet and exercise, it will get you to the results you want faster.