I Tried The Instagram Famous Foundation

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m a proper sucker for a great cosmetic ad, and I’ll stop my scrolling to watch the whole thing – maybe even twice, if it’s good enough. Several brands that have recently pulled me in include no B.S. skincare for its cheeky humor, Ilia Beauty for its age-inclusive ads that prove you don’t have to be 22 to sell makeup, and most recently, Il Makiage for its numerous time conversions using “real” people, not models of models.
Yes, in case you were wondering, no B.S. and Ilia ads definitely worked for me. I have and use their products. I was ready to test it against Il Makiage.

About the Insta-Famous Foundation
Il Makiage Woke Up Like This Flawless Primer, $44, prides itself on a few differences.
For starters, the brand offers an impressive range of 50 shades to help you find the perfect color match for your skin tone and complexion. Instead of having you guess 100 percent on which color to buy, you can take a quick online test. “Wow!” here. The factors are not to be underestimated. Many people who have tried this foundation will wonder if the quiz can be an accurate guess, but the right shade will usually appear on your doorstep.
Secondly, the innovative formula provides medium to high coverage without the heavy pie. A super hydrating texture that claims to provide a blendable, lightweight “second skin” foundation. It’s also infused with light diffusing particles to better conceal imperfections.

It’s here!
My Il Makiage arrived about a week after it was tested online. Early the next morning, instead of choosing to use my usual BB cream, I decided to give it a try. This picture is my pre-makeup removal “look”. Before applying foundation, I followed my regular skincare regimen for my dry skin type, which includes a hydrating toner, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C serum, light face cream and sunscreen.

trial period
I applied my Il Makiage foundation with clean fingers and then went in with a beaten wet BeautyBlender to make sure everything blended well together. The texture is slightly heavier than my favorite BB cream, but it’s still thin. The colors matched perfectly, the foundation did a great job of concealing the redness, as you can see in this “after” photo.
One small complaint about this product is that it seems to aggravate some of my drier areas – like my nose and chin – as you can see from the pictures. I live in a very hot, dry climate and my skin type leans towards dryness, so super hydrating products are a must for me. This may not be something that others will notice, but I did want to include it here for my dry-skinned friends in this review.

Face full of makeup.
Of course, I also wanted to see how the foundation looked, and underneath the rest of my “no makeup” I’ve been sporting these days. In this photo, I’m wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Mascara Brag Volumizing Mascara, $25, Onomie Boosting Lip + Cheeks, $30, at Cruz and Il Makiage Rave, $22, at Playa. all in all, I think it looks natural – definitely not the cake-like texture I always try to avoid.

My final thoughts.
If you’re looking for a new, medium-high coverage foundation that really suits you, I 100% recommend Il Makiage.Since it’s not as hydrating as some foundations, I recommend doing a gentle exfoliation before application and choosing a skincare product with extra moisture. I’ve used foundation a few times now and it’s my go-to when I want more coverage than a traditional BB cream or tinted moisturizer.