I Tried It to Find Out If Salt Shampoo Really That Good

When I first heard about salt shampoo, I immediately thought it was a gimmick. I mean, why would a person want to wash their hair with granulated salt? This sounds like the antithesis of an extravagant bathing experience. But, ever on the rise for new beauty trophies – and curious about the number of salt shampoo launches – I decided to give it a go, a la Playa’s California Salt Shampoo, $38.

The purpose of sea salt shampoo
Lest you think I am a reckless heathen, you had better believe that I did my research before I poured a lump of salty shampoo on my head. I’ve learned that salt shampoos are meant to seriously cleanse and clarify the scalp, removing excess oil and sebum, dead skin cells and product buildup. In addition to having a certain magic effect on the scalp itself, it also helps to cleanse the hair, giving it more shine, softness and volume.
Many products have other useful ingredients added to their formulas. For example, Playa’s California Salt Shampoo contains tea tree oil to further exfoliate, nourish and restore balance. It also creates a nice tingling and refreshing sensation.

Application Products
I have thick, long hair, so trying to get the product on all my hair proved a bit of a hassle. I focused on my scalp, really massaged it, and then applied the remaining product to the ends of my hair through my fingers. It definitely took me some time to apply the product to my scalp due to the grainy consistency, but I did feel the product apply evenly. I absolutely love the tingling sensation, it feels invigorating and makes the deep cleansing experience more real.

Uninstall the product
I let the shampoo sit for about five minutes and then started rinsing. This was the biggest problem I thought I would have, but this product is so elegantly formulated that it rinsed out of my hair without any problems. I was worried I would get that horrible “squeaky” feeling – a sure sign that you’ve deprived your hair of all those nourishing, good oils – but my hair just felt clean and soft.
Another interesting observation is that I don’t feel I have to follow up with a “real” shampoo. As the name implies, I feel like I actually got a good shampoo, not just a scalp scrub. I did follow it up with my usual conditioner and rinse again.

The post-shower experience.
I admit I was a little nervous about the salt affecting the texture of my hair. I’ve tried other scrubs and shampoos with other ingredients and my hair often feels brittle, sticky or weird (like I said, it’s thick, so it’s prone to problems). Once my hair was dry, it looked and felt shiny, soft and really healthy. It’s even more noticeably shiny and soft than usual, and I’m enjoying that lingering super-clean feeling that lingers on my scalp.

More salt-based shampoos to try
I’ve since used it a few times (about once a week) and love it, 100% recommend it. If you want to try other products too, read on!

Sephora Collection Mint Cleansing Salt Scrub, $7.

Christophe Robin Purifying Scalp Scrub with Sea Salt, $53.

Eva NYC Deeptox Exfoliating Salt Shampoo, $11.99

Love Beauty and Planet Sulfate-Free Sea Salt Bergamot Shampoo, $6.94.