Hydrating Hand Masks to Pamper Poor Claws

Having a decent hand cream in your beauty arsenal is as essential as having a leave-in foundation or a non-greasy sunscreen (they do exist!) . When it comes to taking care of our hard-working, constantly scrubbing hands, sometimes they can use a little extra moisturizing and TLC – which is when a hand wrap can be a great option.
Like our favorite face masks, hand masks involve covering dry, scaly fingers and palms in a serum-infused serum for a primary hydrating effect. However, hand masks come in the form of gloves and mittens, not cumbersome sheets.
Use hand wipes when your hand cream needs to be hydrated, when your gloves don’t feel like they can withstand another thorough wash, or when you want to practice some self-care. Do more tasks and use the sheet mask while applying the hand mask. Just make sure to apply a face first!

Dr. Jart + Dermask Hand Hydration Mask, $12
These futuristic-looking aluminum foil hand wipes use warm thermal technology (aka heating) for a spa-like treatment that helps the nourishing essence be absorbed. The dry and rough hands are replaced by smooth, soft hands. (Pro tip: Take your Instagram must-see photo before putting these two gloves on to make life easier.)

With these self-warming gloves, don’t worry about uncomfortable fingers. Simply place the gloves over clean hands and seal with the included sticker. The warming technique uses body heat to aid in the absorption of shea butter and rosehip oil formulas. This nourishing mask also targets the often forgotten cuticle.

This nourishing mask also targets the often forgotten cuticle.

Aveeno Repair Cica Hand Mask, $2.99.
Harness the power of Cica in these affordable hand masks, plus the soothing power of shea butter and oat embryo. The paraben and fragrance free product is gentle enough for the driest of hands and safe for sensitive skin. The quick-acting formula has a non-drip consistency, so all the essence gets to the hands, not the bathroom floor.

Sephora Hand Mask, $5
Sephora’s inexpensive hand mask collection comes in three formulas: rose, macadamia and avocado. These vegan face masks all smell great and nourish scaly claws in just 15 minutes. And the packaging makes it look cute.

Nannette de Gaspe Youth Revealed Hands, $75.
Unlike most masks – and sheet masks, these are generally meant to be reused. Really. The treatment can be used three to five times, which makes the price seem more manageable. The rule of the game is an anhydrous dryness formula that achieves anti-aging, brightening and hydrating results.

Iroha Nature Hemp Repair Soothing Hand Mask Gloves, $9.
These hand wrap gloves will not drip. They are deeply nourishing and restorative using the now popular hemp seed oil (aka hemp seed oil, the non-psychoactive stuff). The gloves are already covered in serum, so just put them on and let your dry hands absorb the conditioner formula.

Karuna Hydration + Hand Mask, $9.50
This hydrating hand mask is as easy to use as one, two, three. Put on the gloves, snap on the wrist stickers, rub the gloves and let the palms and fingers really absorb all the hydrating camellia extract formula.FYI: There’s a four-piece set for $32 that keeps the paws in tip-top shape.