How To Legitimately Braid Your Hair When You Grow Up?

Fashion month is never short of surprises, from unexpected eyeliner looks to fresh color combinations.
What’s one of the most exciting looks on the Spring 2020 show floor? Surprisingly, dreadlocks. Many of us have said goodbye to dreadlocks just as we said goodbye to character lunch bags in middle school – except for special occasions (like Halloween and Spice Girls concerts). Even so, the runway was showing how to braid your hair for an adult look……. There was nothing childish, nothing childish about it. We thought it might be time to rethink this hairstyle.

How to tie a braid into a human shape.
Celebrity stylist Anna Jackson from Chicago salon Boss Hair Group says one of the keys to mastering braids as an adult is to put them on your head, especially under your ears. This will prevent the style from being too cute. She added that you can also braid them into braids, or weave them into a loose bun. However, if your bangs are dull bangs, be careful. Jackson cautioned that heavy bangs coupled with dreadlocks can make a person look like a child.
Also, make sure that each braid has enough volume, otherwise it will make the person look bouncy and will look sticky. (Teasing dreadlocks and applying volumizing mousse can help lift the thickness of your hair). Jackson says the goal is chic, playful but casual.
Also, keep in mind that this is for the complete look, not just braided hair.” “If braiding your hair, be careful not to wear heavy makeup or anything too extreme [Editor’s note: You’re not trying to be Harley Quinn,]” says Jackson. It’s best to wear a crisp white T-shirt and jeans or a sports casual outfit.” And consider the event that you sport braids. Brunch or casual lunch on a Sunday? Yes, yes. The holidays? Definitely. Hot nighttime activities or work? Hard pass.

tail on top
The chic hair trend can quickly upgrade the classic dreadlocks from girly to chic. Choose some iconic pieces and play around with fun placements, such as a mesh headpiece towards the back of the head for the 2020 Polaroid Axu Spring Fashion Week.

The third twist.
At the Ashish 2020 spring show, a light twin twist of twist braids gave the classic braid look a boost. We also love the unique touch of the loose braid that runs down the center of the head.

segmented braid
Whether you already have braids or not, this look from Antonio Marras’ Spring 2020 show will inspire ideas. It shows how any braided hairstyle can be turned into a double braid. In addition, this hairstyle can be creatively embellished with ribbon.

Hat on the hat.
Accessories can determine how good or bad a look is. Anyone who’s worried about looking too babyish with their dreadlocks can accessorize with a sophisticated hat, as seen on the Max Mara 2020 spring runway.

Take it to the back.
The placement of braids can be described as an adult game changer. At the Ulla Johnson 2020 Spring Show, the twisted (!) The dreadlocks were brought to the back of the head. It’s most dramatic when paired with a forked back of the head.

be high and mighty
Want to wear a tall twist braid that isn’t exactly Baby Spice, take a cue from Alexander Wang’s Fall 2019 show and wear a super chic straight mid-part braid. The end result is a “Matrix” look rather than a preschool look – especially when paired with micro sunglasses and chunky jewelry.

medium-length hair
Guido Palau’s braided hairstyle for the Prada Fall 2019 show is a dismissive #target for long-haired lovers, and with a 22-inch strand, one can’t help but want to check it out. Hair that isn’t so Rapunzel-esque? Take inspiration from precise hair parting and wet styling. These two trends are also key for spring 2020.

The next level of haircuts.
To make braids look more refined, lifting is the name of the braid game. At Dior’s Spring 2020 show, Palau facialized the look with a soft, skinny Dutch twist.

ring-shaped braid
Take a pair of flowing dreadlocks and twist them into two circles, winding them around like a 2019 spring day of Paulai Aksu. If it falls off, it’s okay. The texture can drown out any ruffles that might be there.

off the shoulder
Control the urge to always put the lock in front of your shoulder. Like Max Mara’s spring 2020 show look, tie the braid back and back again so that the dreadlocks will naturally fall behind. The gothic black lipstick results in a more mature look for Wednesday Adams.