How to Get Your Post-Gym Hair Looking Fresh?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever avoided working out just because you don’t want to deal with gym hair.
Hey, we’ve all been there, right? While it may seem stingy, it has its merits – after all, who wants a 6 a.m. Soul Cycle class after dealing with re-washing and/or redesigning your hair before work?
“But that’s what the dry shampoo does!” You may be thinking, hey, you’re partially right. Dry shampoo is definitely a lifesaver. But, in some cases, even a few sprays of Klorane won’t save the day. That’s why we called in the experts. We spoke to five hairstylists to get their best tips and tricks for avoiding that dreaded gym hair. Read on to see their insights.
Davis Feliz, stylist at Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Greenwich.
“Since hair tends to lose a bit of its shape due to sweating or possibly being in a ponytail, I recommend cooling it down a bit and then styling it throughout the Spray Fekkai Soleil Beach Waves spray during the process, $14.99 to Create beautiful texture and body, then style your hair to your liking, use deeper sections to add height, or Possibly a light backcombing (light teasing) where needed to finalize it.
“It’s always easy to get a fun ponytail after a workout, too! To give it a fresher look, add some texture at the crown by backcombing it. For a more subtle look, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the bottom of the ponytail to cover up the elastic.
“I love braiding when I’m going for an edgy look, but it takes a little more time than just putting product in it. For this look, I recommend using Dutch or French braids at the top, around the crown, gathered into a ponytail for a very cool! Ariana Grande style styling.”
Kali Ferrara, NYC hairstylist.
“Before you start your workout, preparation is key. If you have long hair, part your hair all the way back and pull each section into its own ponytail. Then twist each part away from your face until they gather into two buns at the top of your head. This fun look will help maintain volume and waves during your sweat session.
“At the end of your workout, take your top bun off, flip your head over, and use a hair dryer on the sweaty part (usually the roots). While the blow dryer is in your hair, gently pull on the tension to make sure your roots are straightened. Drying upside down is crucial to maintaining volume in your hair roots.
“After you’ve sufficiently dried your roots, you can stop there, or you can use a larger round brush and a blow dryer to face, top and Smooth out the surrounding sections. Pull all the sections towards your face to get more volume.”
Michelle Cleveland, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hair Addiction Hair Salon.
“I know everyone uses dry shampoo afterwards, but try using it before you work out. Most dry shampoos are talcum powder or charcoal-based and will start absorbing sweat before it has a chance to build up on your scalp. Keeps you off your feet after a workout! You can use a dry shampoo after your workout instead.
You can also braid your hair in a low loose braid during your workout instead of a tight backward sliding ponytail/bun. Keeping your hair close to your scalp will allow more sweat and sebum to soak into your hair, giving you more work to do after your workout. Adding a headband to your workout look can also help absorb excessive sweat buildup in your hair.”
Joseph Maine, Artistic Director, Color Wow
“The best way to make your hair look fresh after a workout isn’t to add more products to dirty hair. The best alternative to washing your hair is to create a sleek or smooth look that makes the grit look intentional. I recommend spraying a hairbrush with Color Wow’s Cult Favorite, $24, and then putting hair Snatch it into a high ponytail and braid or wave it long. Or add conditioner to your hair and use it as an opportunity to treat your day. Create a deep side part and make a smooth low ponytail. Soak the ponytail in conditioner and twist/wrap it around yourself. Secure with bobby pins.”
Elie Camoro, Creative Director of the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Greenwich.
“Applying 2 quarter-sized Fekkai PrX Reparatives Intense Fortiying Masque, $25, comb and divide the head into two parts in the middle section. Then, braid each section backwards starting at the forehead and secure the ends with an elastic clear band!
“You can also opt for a low, tight bun, which is IN and easy! Use the Fekkai Soleil Apres Soleil Creme ($20) to part your hair in a Pull the bottom of your head into a tight ponytail. Then twist your hair very tightly and start pinning it in as you go around the ponytail.”