How To Buy Concealer And Foundation Online?

Online shopping has become the default way of doing a lot of things (especially now). It makes it easier to save on prices, there are often more options, and it’s definitely a game changer for those of us who live on the walk to get things like toilet paper and gallon bottles of water.
Things get more sticky when it comes to makeup, however. It’s hard to translate color accurately on a computer screen, especially when subtle shifts in hue make all the difference in the world, as is often the case with concealer and foundation. With brands creating more and more shade options – for example, the much-hyped Tom Ford Shadow and Lighting Soft Radiant Foundation SPF 50, $112.50, just launched in 40 shades – finding the best option for one’s personal skin tone has become increasingly challenging.
It goes without saying that you should look for online retailers that offer great return policies so that you can return to the shade after testing them in natural light. To minimize the need for returns, however, we have turned to the leading makeup experts for their best foolproof tips for the basics of online shopping.

Determine your skin type.
Let’s get the easiest part out of the way: picking the right foundation for your skin type.” “First determine if you have oily, dry or combination skin, then determine what foundation you want (matte, satin or glossy),” says Glamsquad art director Kelli J. Bartlett.” Finally, decide on the type of concealer you want: full, medium or concealer. From there, it’s a base equation. For example, if you have oily skin and crave a matte, full-coverage foundation, then go for an oil-free matte, full-coverage foundation.”

Try a versatile product.
Another good tip is to go for a buildable formula, such as a foundation stick, which doubles as a facial concealer. This is particularly useful because most people’s foreheads are one or two darker shades, and buildable coverage allows you to correct this without the need for layers, for example, bronze. (One of our favorite foundations? the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick, $46).

Buy multiple colors at once.
“Whatever foundation you choose, choose two shades within your skin tone range so that the darker shade can serve as your summer shade and the lighter shade can serve as your winter shade and blend in the months in between,” says Terri Bryant, founder of Guide Beauty. From there, she says, it’s all about concealer to perfect those tricky areas that need more coverage.” When buying online, the biggest mistake is choosing a concealer to cover your face and eyes. For dark circles and under-eye discoloration, choose a concealer with more coverage, based on your skin tone, with a peach/orange base. For the face, you can rely on the foundation stick to apply a little more and hit those areas that need more coverage.”
You can also find palettes with several shades to choose from, like the Surratt Perfectionniste Concealer Palette, $58.

Custom modifier effects
When it comes to skin issues, it’s usually the finish of your foundation and concealer that will help the most.” “For example, if you hate gloss, then look for a matte finish,” says Sephora Set National makeup artist Helen Phillips.” It’s also important to note that while makeup can always help cover up any blemishes, it’s important to have a good skin care routine because it really is the best way to address any underlying skin issues.”

Choosing the best color is where it gets tricky.
It’s important to do your research and try different products that might help you.” “Sephora has a great tool to help with this process – the Foundation Finder Quiz,” says Phillips.” It can help guide you to the perfect match. You also need to understand what neutral, cool and warm tones are, which may be different for each brand. Cool colors usually imply a pink base, while warm colors coincide with a yellow base. It’s important to not only refer to the images online, but also to look at the description of the tones. For example, if it’s a ‘neutral shade of neutral’ and you usually think of your skin tone as light, then instead I’d go for a neutral shade of lighter shade of base.”
Once you’ve settled on the base color you’re looking for, you can buy a few different color collections and try them out in a mirror at home in natural light.