Halloween Nail Art Ideas You Can Wear All October

This is the time of year that witches and ghost girls wait for. Halloween. It’s tempting to want to make you scare for this minute……. However, unless you work in a haunted pumpkin patch, strong Halloween makeup and nails can look out of place – especially in a conservative, less spectacular work environment.
When it comes to nail art, you don’t have to stick strictly to fall and pumpkin spice themed manicures if you don’t want to. There are ways to add just the right amount of shenanigans to nail art right now. (We know it’s hard to wait until Halloween night).
These Halloween manicures allow you to get your Morticia Adams……. But keep broken fingers, blood squirts and stinging monsters in check (because there’s a time and a place for those – October 31 and Halloween parties!). . These Halloween manicure looks are a treat you can wear between now and October 31 – and sometimes even further, no need to worry.
Purple and black stripes and Jack-o-Lantern nails.
Can’t wait to get a jack manicure? The traditional orange and black can be tricky too early in the season. This purple and black manicure is unsettling. The lower contrast of nail polish means it’s now more resistant.
Dark Monochrome Manicure
The black base is deep and chic, especially when mixed with matte and shiny nail polish. The understated monochromatic scheme allows the spider web details to work well, even when you’re not getting your spooks on.
Black and orange striped manicure
This graphic nail art has classic Halloween colors, but without the blood, guts and gore. Use a stamping toolbox to complete the precise lines. Freehand drawing can give a cool look, so don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfect.
To be honest, we rock the nail art all year round, but it’s especially appropriate to do it in October.
Pastel Nails and Bats
I’m sure you didn’t expect a pink manicure. That’s what makes this Halloween manicure unexpected and more appropriate for a larger period of time. The teenage bats bring just enough creepy vibes, but the graphic design looks like a V from a distance, making the look even more varied.
Black Tips for Eyeball Nail Art
Keep your eyes on you. Forget the rhinestones —–spice up the moon nails with some stylish eyeballs.
Stitched French manicure.
Prove that you don’t need to paint an entire Frankenstein on your fingernails to create creepy effects. These stitched manicures will do the job. And certain dark princesses can wear manicures almost all year round…..
Glittering Candy Corn Kernel Nail Art
Because candy corn is never a bad thing this time of year. The shimmering mash-up effect dazzles the eye with a less obvious direction.
Shiny black flame.
Morticia would have lived for the black flame and the inked sheen. Come to think of it, the flame did resemble her fierce hair a bit….
moon phase A
Dark and moody, these black nails with moon phase don’t feel like a Halloween cliché. Bonus: out-of-body manicures are easy to reproduce and can be done with ease even by novices.
Cute ghost manicure.
The soft palette (i.e. not orange and black) and cute graphics make this nail art a treat that keeps on passing.
Spider’s toenails.
Talk about a sharp manicure. Forget the heel studs, we call this V-cut French manicure a dagger manicure. Spider nails compliment diamond nails.
Dripping black foam manicure.
Innovative French manicures are on the runway for spring 2020. This version is particularly sultry due to the shimmering silver base with the dripping black tip.
Bloody Mani.
If you like oozing manicures, try this version, which is both elegant and scary.
“Beet juice” pattern and jelly nails.
Beetlegrass nail art, beetlegrass nail art, beetlegrass nail art, beetlegrass nail art. Admittedly, the slimy streaks and color palette inspired it. Glittering jelly manicures keep the Halloween spirit alive.