Hair Updos to Try for Your Next Party

Here we go, ladies, it’s a season to mess up your hair. We’ve got some hair inspiration from the runway to keep your party look fresh and your bun up to date. Just grab a lot of hairpins and hairspray and you’re good to go.
How dreamy is this pearl tiara? Simply part your hair down the middle and pull it into a low bun, then add a headband a little further back than you’re used to.VoilĂ : Instantly a party look.
We call this look “I’m beautiful, just can’t be bothered by it”. Yes, it’s an upgraded version of the messy bun, and yes, that’s what we’re here for. Not at the top of the head, but in the middle of the back of the head, starting with the bun, then pulling out the small part, twisting it a bit, and pinning it back just right. Leave some loose parts to give it a je ne sais quoi feel.
The twist of this hairdo is elegant and simple. Start with a high ponytail and twist until the hair is tangled around itself, then pin it well. Pull out a few loose curls to frame your face, then curl them up for a romantic look. This hairstyle will really bring out your cheekbones.
This bun is so sleek and chic – and it’s going to start with a high gloss. Apply your favorite shine serum and gather those shiny strands in the back of your neck. Carefully twist, twist and clip as you go, and finally make a circle over the top and secure it underneath.
A loose bun at the back of your head with a gorgeous headpiece? This hairstyle is a must-have item for your next party. The secret to this hairstyle is to use mousse to add shine before blow-drying and then backcombing at the crown.
Pull your hair back straight, without parting. Part your hair in two, loosely wrap it in a circle, and pin it well on top, leaving the ends out. Add a headpiece at the hairline.
This one is pretty sophisticated, and if you have a big shindig coming up, you might want to put your stylist on something, but boy is it ever delicate. Just bring your own pearls and let your hairstylist do the braiding – or, you can find a simpler tutorial and check out the easy version of this look!
Take a look at this braid! Start with a lot of texture and gather it at the crown. Do a loose French braid from the inside out, pausing after adding each new strand to give it a fullness. Tuck the bottom into a braid and tie it up with a pin.
This is the Wild West braid crown for this holiday season – anything goes. It is messy and fun. Start anywhere and follow your own path.