Hair Styles That Look Amazing With Visible Roots

Do you have hair roots? Unless you’ve been using your hair loss time to improve your DIY hair color skills, the answer is yes. So……… If you have hair roots, then show them off! If you like to leave the color of your hair to the professionals, there’s no need to stress about covering it in the roots. Visible hair roots add a certain “too busy, too cool to care too much” feeling to any hairstyle, and that feeling can translate to hairstyles. Trust us. There are more ways than a splash of slime green, more roots than Billie Eilish.
At Sachajuan, creative director Trey Gillen recommends keeping the visible root haircut on the edgy side. (And what better time to experiment in an eclectic way than now?)
“Showcasing your hair root regrowth is a statement, so make sure your hair is a statement too,” he says. Gillen suggests adding a shine serum, like Sachajuan Shine Serum, $30, right at the end of the hair root regrowth to create a “shine line” and focus.
With these tips in mind, here are some hairstyles that can show off all your gorgeous hair.

So, your hair is shiny.
A super sleek low bun is the ultimate haircut that embraces the roots. Don’t be afraid to use hairspray to magnify the glossy lines, either.

Play with your hair piece
Hook the curly hair trend and greet the 90’s hair roots with a high bun and a face shape curl. No matter how many shades of hair you have, it works – check out Dua Lipa’s proof.

Those with short hair can take inspiration from the ultimate bedhead queen, Kristen Stewart, with a breezy curl and flaky look to enhance their hair. Let these hair strands flow as they please.

just right
A wavy bob that drapes over the head is just what we need for a relaxed hairstyle right now. The texture of the bedhead complements the understated vibe of the hair roots.

Frame your part.
Attach bought hairpins to the ends of your hair and stick them to the sides of your hair to make them come in handy. A straight mid-parted hairstyle like Devon Windsor’s really showcases the roots, but any hairline and hairline is an eye-catcher.

Soft tails.
The visible roots actually add more layers to the feminine bun. Copy Katy Perry’s approach and simply apply some hairspray to your hair for the most modern look.

double bun
Like Ciara’s double bun, whether it’s a half bun or a bun, it’s so cute and shows that you don’t pay much attention to visible hair roots.

Attractive hair bun
Add some important glamour to the WFH look by embellishing the roots with the shiniest hair accessories or jewelry. The purpose of doing this is not to completely cover the hair roots, but to strengthen them.

Elegant bun.
Worried about growing hair roots that look unkempt? Don’t worry, a low midriff bun and wavy curls will do the trick. The hairstyle is very textured and requires little to no effort.

deep bun
Tie this part of your hair into a side parting and add a hint of texture to your hair for an uninhibited atmosphere. This look is suitable for almost any length of hair.

rocking haircut
An unkempt hairdo is a victory. Do an asymmetrical curl like Margot Robbie. Tuck one piece behind your ear and loosen the other.