Fun Hair Bands and Hair Clips Recommendations for the Holidays

There was a time when hairpieces, hairpins, hairpins and headpieces lost momentum…….. But we’re happy to announce that hair accessories are back, baby. From chunky chunky bobby pins to sparkly bobby pins to oversized bobby pins and more, the trend is all about making a splash, not keeping a low profile. As the saying goes, it’s the season and no fall or winter outfit is complete without a little hair accessory, so make a splash with one of these options below.

Bright pearl beads are the star of this hairpin duo from Baublebar.
We’re partial to ivory because it looks more like pearls, but all six color choices are gorgeous.
We’re partial to ivory because it looks more like pearls, but all six color choices are gorgeous.

Elizabeth Stone CZ Tapered Rectangular Hairpin, $22
We love the elegant and curved lines of this tapered rectangular French clip, which offers a variety of styling options. The gemstone is shiny cubic zirconia and the metal is gold plated.

Kitsch x Justine Marjan Plain Patent Bracelet Two-Piece Set, $29.
Justine Marjan’s second hair piece with Kitsch makes our hearts soar……. So much so that we had a hard time picking a favorite style. It was a close call, but we had to go with the stylist’s dark black oversized hairpins. It’s a two-piece set, so go crazy.

Stil Classics Rose Hair Clips, $20.
If you like drama, but don’t like too much of it, Stil Classics offers a compromise on blonde bobby pins with its hairpin duo. We’re particularly partial to the pearlescent rose option, but here are 10 options for your style.

Sincerely Jules x Scunci Jewelry Pin, $7.99.
Target has a huge selection of hair accessories for you to choose from, including the full Sincerely Jules by Scunci collection of Sincerely Jules. As is customary, this price point will keep your wallet happy. These jeweled hair pieces feature blue, yellow and pink rose hues and can be mixed, matched or worn together.

Chelsea King Floral Amber Handkerchief + Scarf Set, $30.
We love a lot of things about this handkerchief + scarf set. First of all, the paisley floral prints give us a real vintage vibe. Secondly, it is handmade. Third, it can be worn in a variety of ways: as a hair bun, headscarf, bow or hair scarf.

Madewell chunky acetate hair clips, $15.
This best-selling hairpiece from Madewell comes in three options: shimmering gold, “faded lavender” (technically multi-colored) and Tort Multi, while the metallic gold is each its own.

Anthropologie Lauren Knot Headband, $18.
Every hairpiece needs a good headpiece, and this classic knotted headpiece from Anthropologie can add just enough pizzazz to your outfit. Available in 18 different colors, it’s especially easy to pair with your holiday ensemble.