Face Mask Testing Challenge

When your WFH setup involves rotating between the kitchen table and couch…….. Well, you have more time to test the flake mask. I’ve never been a big fan of sheet masks, so I let a pile of samples pile up – what better time to try them now? Fortunately, most of the masks are the winning ones. I’ve written mini-reviews for each mask (both positive and negative) – read on to see which one you should try first!

Day 1 Oh K! Cucumber Mask, $3.50
This mask lives up to its name and is indeed “calming and refreshing”. This mask fits my face well (big) and drips very little (I apply all the excess product to my dry hands).

Pros. It caused very little stickiness and made my skin look extra dewy. The packaging is particularly cute, even by K-beauty standards.

Cons: While refreshing, the light cucumber smell is reminiscent of a hand sanitizer you’re probably using right now.

Day 2: Petite Amie Skin Care Plant Whitening Mask, $10
This fancy mask uses vitamin C plus botanical extracts from the Swiss Alps (including mallow, mint leaves and more) to hydrate and brighten your complexion.

Pros. The mask consists of two parts (half covering your eyes to your nose and the other half covering your cheeks, mouth, and chin) to give you a good fit. The mask itself is also very firm and thick and works well. The light herbal flavor feels luxurious, with no sliding or dripping.

Cons: The only downside here, baby, is the price, it’s too expensive! But if you feel like spending the money, this gorgeous mask is just right.

Day 3: Clear Cleansing Night Soothing Gel Eye Mask, $5.88.
This hydrogel eye mask contains super-hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom extract to soothe and brighten your eyes.

Pros. I have a soft spot for hydrogel masks – they are so soothing and fun! Who doesn’t love jelly-textured masks? This mask is as refreshing and relaxing as its name suggests, and it also has a light floral scent.

Cons: It’s designed to liven up your eye area, but I’m sure my chin wouldn’t mind some coverage issues either.

Day 4: Beet Beet + Vitamin A Fresh Squeezed Mask, $3.50
Normally, I stick to gentler ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, but my face needed a reset, so I decided to try this vitamin A (aka retinol) infused mask.

Pros. The mask itself is printed with cute beets, as well as the message “beets of my heart,” which makes it especially primo for #maskselfies. and yes, it does make my skin look extra bright, even the next day!

Cons: It tingles a little bit, but only on my skin, er, a little bit. It’s definitely my fault, not the mask.

Day 5: Neogen Dermalogy Super Hydropower Capsule Mask, $25 for 5 tablets.
This hyaluronic acid mask is actually quite unique. It has a small capsule on it that you can break up to “activate” the mask. (The idea is to keep the ingredients more fresh).

Pros. I’ve read that Neogen masks have a particularly good structure, which is definitely true. The mask itself is firm and the serum is full. The mask felt particularly decadent as it soaked up the hydration my face desperately needed.

Cons: The extra step of breaking the capsule – while super easy and user-friendly – can be a pain in the ass if you’re feeling particularly lazy.

Day 6: Masqueology Wild Rose Hydrogel Gold Mask, $4.
I love hydrogel masks, so when this one arrived on my desk, I was excited. It has a fun, jelly-like texture, and comes in two pieces for a better fit and coverage.

Pros: First of all, who doesn’t love a hydrogel mask? First of all, who doesn’t love rose gold? I also found this sheet mask to be very dewy, thanks to moisturizing and brightening ingredients like glycerin and nicotinamide. It also contains interesting novelty ingredients like rose extract, collagen and gold.

Cons: While the wild rose scent is pleasing, it triggers my seasonal allergies just a bit. However, if you don’t have the dreaded hay fever like I do, you should be fine!

Day 7: Julep 3-in-1 Deep Hydration Mask, $12 for 2 pieces, $12 for 2 pieces.
I might just save the best for last. This mask is made up of three parts and is quite a joy to use. It comes with a serum (a K-beauty staple!) A sleeping bag, and of course the sheet mask itself.

Pros. Each step adds just the right amount of weightless, non-sticky hydration. I also love how well the thin hydrogel mask sticks to my face.

Cons: Part of the reason I saved this mask for last is because I felt a little too lazy to do the three full steps. But considering how quickly it absorbs, this actually does more good than harm – especially at $6 per mask! I think this mask works very well.

Bonus: Too Cool for School Caviar Lime Hydrating Essence Mask, $4.
Too Cool for School is one of my favorite K-beauty brands – its products are always both fun and functional. This is a great, high quality mask.

Pros. The structure of the mask itself is nice – it’s textured in S waves, which the brand explains is to help it adhere better to your face. You’ll also find that the lime scent is so refreshing that it’s a stroke of genius. And the best part? This mask basically makes my complexion glow like the damn moon.

Cons: None!