Cute Workout Leggings That Pass the ‘Not See-Through’ Test

Recently dragged my friend to a boxing class – where we all had a great time, by the way – and she came over, cautiously to the I said, “Girl Code.” I can totally see through your pantyhose.” I didn’t think it was that bad, but a “bend over” test in the mirror revealed, well Bar, everything is exposed. Turns out more than half of my favorite outfits are basically transparent when I do what I’m supposed to do in them.
Embarrassing, sure. But it’s also an excuse for me to look for quality alternatives. I’ve tested every single pair in this set of workout pants. The seams have been checked, they’ve passed the flexibility test, they’re not see-through, and I’ve even been sweating in them. May you feel free to purchase them and then strut your stuff at the gym.
Fabletics is offering a super tempting “two for $24” promotion for those who sign up for their subscription service! . Once you sign up, you’ll be charged a monthly fee that you can use to buy new clothes from that brand. (If you don’t need to buy with that frequency, it’s pretty easy to skip a month). The brand offers a pretty comprehensive range of styles, and despite the subscription gimmick, it seriously lives up to the hype. The leggings are super cute, super comfy, and not see-through, providing maximum flexibility for high cardio and intensity workouts.
girlfriends’ collective
A tribute to Girlfriend Collective, the most inclusive independent athleisure on the market! One of the brands. Not only does it offer sizes XXS to 6X, but you’ll feel all the better for shopping on the site. Available in 13 different colors, this compression high-waisted pant is a great choice for everyone and The best choice for every sport. The fact that they’re made from recycled water bottles is a big plus.
This independent brand has introduced some top-notch options that feel different from what you’ll find elsewhere. Its garments use an “advanced weave technology” that allows for maximum stretch, while still contouring your muscles! , and compressing them. This compression is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your workout by making your muscles work harder (it also makes your (The hips look great). Try the Olympia high-waisted leggings, which are super soft, stretchy, and slimming thanks to this high-waisted design.
Fierce and noble.
We nominate Fierce and Regal as our swag-y choices for this roundup. They’re a bit pricey, but you’ll have a blast walking around the gym in these bad boys. For example, shiny leggings available in black, blue, taupe, and marine that reflect light in all the right places. for a sleek and chic effect. The Zippered Legging, which comes in six different colors, is offered through a gold diagonal zipper on one leg. With functionality and lovely aesthetics.
Crane + Lion
Crane + Lion might just be your favorite purveyor of a pair of yoga or Pilates tights (and tbh. (They are also great for resting). They come in several different styles, including lightweight, capri, high rise, medium rise, and raw cut. The material is thick enough to provide you with protection and comfort, but not so thick that you can’t breathe during your sweat-fest. We like that they are sold in sizes 0 to 12, rather than “small, medium and large” for a more personalized fit! Service. We’re partial to Original Tight, which comes in peacock, quicksilver and black.
Body Love Athletica
Body Love Athletica gets an A+ for its design. Every pair of its leggings stands out enough to make you feel like you’re the fashionable one in the class, and honestly, whether you’re kickboxing or Lifting weights, which can all do wonders for your self-esteem. Try The Vogue leggings in black or burgundy, which feature a shiny material that makes it look like you’re being poured On the inside (in a good way). A mesh design with both legs swinging back and forth adds decoration, and a high waistband means a slender tummy that won’t crack when doing odd moves! Exposures.