Check This Pro Hairstylist Advice Before You Cut Your Own Hair

See, I know it’s tempting – and yes, I’ve looked up pruning shears on Amazon too. But celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland is here to talk you out of getting a haircut. She gave us some great advice on why you shouldn’t trim your own hair (and no, you shouldn’t even trim it), and what you should do about it.

What are your tips for trimming bangs at home?
“My number one tip for trimming bangs at home is………. Don’t! No!” Cleveland cautioned.” But if you insist on not listening, then all I have to say is, “No! Cut your bangs to be dry, not wet. Hair shrinks when it’s dry, so if you cut it too short when it’s wet…. . well, you’d better buckle up when it’s dry!”

What advice do you have for keeping your hair layered at home?
“Please refer to my previous warning.” Cleveland said half-jokingly. However, she explains, “It’s very tricky to cut off your own layers of hair. For a professional stylist, it’s about tension, over-directing and lifting of the hair.” (Read: fancy hair design concepts that laymen like you and me don’t even know about).” All of these things are difficult, if not impossible, for ourselves, especially for the back of our own heads,” she said.

If we make a mistake in pruning, is there a solution?
“Honestly, once it’s gone……. . it’s gone,” said Cleveland.” There is no panacea for this problem, so if you find yourself in this predicament, your best line of defense is to hide it until it grows back.” “For bangs, I recommend clips, hairpins and headbands to hold them in place. For any other really bad hairstyle, look into hats, scarves and buns/ponytails.” Cleveland suggested.” No one will ever know what’s hidden down there!”

But what do we do with our bifurcated jobs?
“As a professional, I would always recommend therapy over a home haircut,” says Cleveland.” One of the biggest misconceptions, however, is the belief that there is some magic elixir out there that can fix the split ends of hair. The truth of the matter is that once your hair ends split, there’s no way to pull them back together permanently (imagine peeling off a banana).”
As it turns out, the treatment is used more to prevent/disguise split ends than to repair them.” The mask and treatment only temporarily hold the two ends of the split together. In the end, the only way to do that is to cut them out!” (Mind you, you probably shouldn’t do this unless you’re willing to put on a hat before your next trip to the salon).

What can we do for our overall hair health?
“The absolute best thing you can do for your hair is treat it the way you would your skin,” says Cleveland.” If it feels dry, hydrate it; if it’s too oily, wash it; be in the sun and protect it.” She adds, “As a general rule of thumb, ‘less is more’ – which means that if you can skip shampooing, blow drying, curling irons, flat irons, chemical treatments, etc…. Your hair will thank you!”