Celebs Who’ll Give You Major Hair Color Envy

Stuck in a hair color rut? Maybe it’s time to look to your favorite celebrity for inspiration. From Megan Thee Stallion in Midnight Blue to JLo in seriously cool highlights, here are 13 celebrities who will give your primary hair color envy.

Megan Thee Stallion
The rapper usually has beautiful brunette hair, but occasionally changes it up with a different colored wig, like this stunning blue wig (that’s what gives us the real Aquarius feel).

Ariel Winter.
The “Modern Family” star swapped out her classic brunette hair for a fun strawberry blonde look that had us shouting.

Justin Skye.
The singer/songwriter/actor/model was blonde for a minute and we all loved it. Blonde hair also looks great on darker skin; you just need to find the right hair color.

Cady B.
The queen of hair makeovers and inspiration. Cady changes his hairstyle frequently, and sometimes your thumbs become numb from repeated tapping.

Nicki Minaj
And we can’t forget Nicki, who is another queen who likes to change her clothes frequently. Over the years, her looks have changed, changed a lot, but she’s been there for us, like this scene from season 12 of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Jada Pinkett Smith
This two-tone short hairstyle works well and can be adjusted to suit any face shape. Also, can we appreciate that Jada hasn’t aged in the last 20 years?

Jennifer Lopez.
Yes, we still have PTSD, and all the highlights from the 00’s onwards are a mess, and the ones that cut to “Can I talk to your manager?” The woman. But JLo is doing a good job here. She’s been sporting varying degrees of blonde hair for the last 20 years or so, which is a great look on her!

Amandla Steinberg
When it comes to her hair, we all know she’s been showing us the flames, but we especially love this look from the cover of Wonderland back in 2018. Pippi’s long hair look, come on!

Millie Poppy Brown.
Millie was the cool girl we all wanted to be as teenagers. She is such a gem and an innovator and style icon. Also, her hair looks great! This blonde hair color looks great with her usual dark brown hair.

Demi Lovato.
Can someone give Demi a call and tell her how much we love her? Or send a tweet or something? Thank you. This “moody girl, but let it be fashionable” aesthetic is her style, and she always adds her own twist when dressing up.

Emma Roberts.
Let’s face it, the “American Horror Story” actress can wear almost any hair color…. But we especially love this rose blonde/strawberry blonde look she’s sporting. Very sexy Bond villain image.

Chen Jiewen
Honestly, Gemma is *just* the chef’s kiss. Everything this woman does is fashionable (that’s it, that’s the title)

Kelly Hu.
The actress and former beauty queen added some color to her gray hair while embracing it. It’s a trend that needs to be caught, stat.