Body Conditioners Are Our Favorite Shower Staple

We all know that a good conditioner can make a big difference to fragile, lifeless hair……. But the concept of “hair conditioner” is certainly not familiar to everyone.
So, what exactly is it? Well, it sounds just like its name. Much like conditioner, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brendan Kemp, M.D., explains that body conditioner products are meant to help soften the skin and prevent the return of dryness.
“Body conditioner is synonymous with conditioner,” he says.” After you shampoo, you remove the natural oils (sebum) along with sweat, buildup and impurities. The oil applied to the hair shaft softens the hair and smoothes the cuticle that surrounds the hair, preventing dryness and breakage.”
So, to give you an idea of how to use these products (and what ingredients to look out for), we spoke with Camp (and other skin care experts!) More discussion on everything you need to know about the nascent state of this skincare trend.

How to use hair conditioner?
As with conditioner, Camp suggests that body conditioner should be the last step in your shower.” “Body conditioner is the last step in your shower routine,” he says. Depending on the product, body conditioner can be applied while the water is still running, or after you’ve just turned off the water. The idea behind this is to ‘top off’ your skin by trapping as much moisture as possible in the surface layer of your skin.”
Yes, a quick rinse after you’ve applied the product is definitely enough. However, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Robin Evans, MD, recommends leaving conditioner on your skin for a few minutes for best results.
“The product is best rinsed very quickly at the end of the shower to ensure maximum absorption,” says Evans.” Try to leave them on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing them off for optimal absorption.”

What is the skin care lotion made of?
Evans explains that body conditioners are usually made with glycerin, cocoa butter, shea butter, and various oils that make up their creamy consistency of moisturizing ingredients. Therefore, she also assures that they are gentle and quite safe to use unless you have allergies or have extremely sensitive skin.
If you have allergies and/or sensitive skin?Dr. Alain Michon, MD (a board-certified member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) says incense-free is the way to go.” I recommend choosing a body conditioner that is unscented and making sure to read the ingredients before you buy.”

You can use them in tandem with your favorite body lotion!
Camp says that while these products hydrate well, people with dry skin may want to consider pairing body lotions with lotions.
“For people with normal or oily skin, body lotion may provide enough moisture for their skin type,” says Camp.” However, a moisturizer applied after using a towel may still be best for people with chronically dry or eczematous skin.”
Conversely, if you have oily and acne-prone skin, Evans says, you may want to skip the body conditioner.” If someone is acne-prone or folliculitis-prone, these products may promote the conditions for the production of these pimples,” she explains.

Don’t slip and fall!
One last word to watch out for. As with bath oils, body conditioners can make your tub slippery.” “Before using it, it’s best to evaluate the consistency of the product to determine if it’s something that will make your shower floor very slippery,” says Camp.” It may be a good idea to hold the shower bar (or handle) tightly while applying the product to your body, as this can help prevent unwanted accidents.”
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