Best New Trend in Wellness Sleep Retreats

Getting enough sleep can be an uphill task. According to the American Sleep Association, sleep disorders – including insomnia, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy – “every 3 1 in 10 individuals will be affected at some point in their lives.” However, even for those who do not have a diagnosable disease, it is still difficult to justify the recommended 7-9 hours of napping per night. Carve out time. Everything from a fluffy mattress to noisy neighbors can disrupt sleep. Plus, giving up sleep for productivity often comes with a strange sense of pride. Eyebags are worn as badges of honor – they’re proof that we’re too busy to do something as unproductive as sleep! of things.
But all those late or sleepless nights may be starting to take a toll on your body. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep deprivation is linked to “an increasing number of health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke diabetes, obesity and certain cancers.” Yikes.
A new trend in wellness is now focusing on helping people fall asleep. Many hotels and spas have begun offering retreats and packages designed to support guests in their quest for more shut-eye. Forget simply counting sheep, these retreats and packages go the extra mile to help the body rest and repair. Pardon the pun and read on for more details on some of the most dreamy sleep retreats around the world.
Benjamin Hotel, Manhattan, New York
This New York City landmark is taking on the challenge of bringing rest to a city that never sleeps. In the words of Rebecca, an expert in sleep medicine, professor of sleep medicine at Cornell University and co-author of “Sleeping Successfully, Led by Dr. Robbins, The Benjamin’s Rest & Renew Program Designed to provide guests with solutions and tools to help them get the perfect night’s sleep. Some of the amenities of the program include.
– A pillow menu that includes everything from anti-snoring pillows to infused pillows, as well as options such as body cushions and Swedish memory foam.
– On-demand meditation. Created in partnership with The Path, this program is designed to help guests slow down their minds and bodies.
– Sleep masks, earplugs, blackout curtains, a noise machine and a lullaby music library are all designed to help guests fall asleep – and stay asleep! Status.
– 24/7 Sleep Team: a professional concierge team trained by Robbins to provide advice and answer all sleep-related questions.
Mountain Trek Retreat & Wellness Spa, British Columbia, Canada Retreat & Health Spa)
Mountain Trek offers an all-inclusive luxury retreat that takes advantage of its mountainous location and encourages guests to take advantage of its location by Reconnect with nature to restore yourself. Their deep sleep formula includes long hikes in the woods, nutritious meals, and therapeutic sessions at a retreat spa Massage. The purpose of the treatment is to improve the quality of your sleep and is basically user outside time instead of screen time (sometimes we could all use it) .
Each retreat lasts one week and can accommodate up to 16 guests per week. Guests are invited to enjoy everything from daily guided fitness excursions to relaxing facilities such as massage and yoga classes. There’s even an organic menu (designed with your food preferences in mind, of course), and a variety of health and lifestyle workshops.
Six Senses of the Douro Valley, Quinta de Vale Abra?o, Portugal
Six Senses Douro Valley offers a yoga sleep program that combines yoga, stretching, and Respiratory Regulation (also known as Breathing Regulation). The program also incorporates spa treatments to fully soothe the mind and body. To begin with, the spa provides each guest with a sleep diary to record their thoughts and clear their mind.
Accommodations can be booked in 3-, 5-, 7- or 10-night increments and include many additional amenities, such as personalized training and yoga! , all types of massages, and even consultations and spa treatments.
Swissotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Swiss?tel Berlin was a pioneer and started offering deep sleep packages in 2012. For an additional fee, guests of the Swiss?tel Berlin can take a sensory journey to improve energy and sleep efficiency. Travel Pulse reports that the hotel partnered with sleep consultant Dr. Michael Feld to create the a plan as part of the Chrono-Health concept. Some of the steps of the plan include
– Bright Lights: guests sit in front of a 10,000 lux light for 30 minutes, with the goal of resetting their body’s internal clock. Another option is to use a portable light headset designed by Valkee that beams light into the head through the ears (yes, really) ).
– Aromatherapy: rejuvenate with lemongrass extract and citrus oils.
– Thin Air Breathing Session: Spend 30 minutes breathing in special air meant to mimic the thinness of mountain air. According to Travel Pulse again, breathing in thin air releases nitric oxide into the bloodstream, causing blood vessels to widen. This has the benefit of lowering blood pressure, which leads to relaxation and deep sleep.