Below Nail Art Trend Can Make Your Manicure Last an Entire Extra Week

When it comes to making our manicures last, we consider ourselves pros. We’ll apply a base coat, use the best long-lasting nail polish formula, and then finish everything off with a top coat to keep everything! Locked. Even so, every manicure has its lifespan – you end up back in the salon.
That’s why this nail art hack is such a game-changer. It turns out that with the right talent and attitude, a little polish on your cuticles can give your nails a whole new LIFE. Read on for a look at some of our favorite nail art trends, from silver glitter embellishments to mod half moons.
Shiny, shiny goodies.
A little glimmer never hurt anyone, did it? Grab your favorite glitter and add some flair to your cuticles by applying it. A night on the town needs a fun nail look like this one.
geometric pattern
For the more artistic girl, adding geometric designs to your grown up manicure is a no-brainer. It takes time and patience, but the end result is well worth it, if you ask us.
No time to paint your nails at all? You can actually look like you’re trying way harder than you do seeing as these simple curved lines can be drawn in two minutes or less! .
shiny finish
Dress up your sophisticated manicure by adding a simple metallic polish. It’s very simple and it adds eye-catching appeal to your look.
Add a half-moon design to your manicure – we love the modern glamour.
foil decoration
We love the look of this reverse French technique, especially with those shiny gold foils.
Main flash
You can be as bold as you want with your cuticle manicure. Diamonds, crystals, and other shiny adornments have a moment, even in your numbers.
The monochrome look can be so useful, especially with the different finishes and textures at play.
sparkling bubble gum
Pro tip: Use your favorite glitter to create a messy, on-the-go mix-and-match look.