Beauty Hacks to Beat Jet Lag Inside and Out

Flying can be tiring. Travelers are crammed into cramped seats and the dry air can wreak havoc on skin and hair. Don’t worry, we’ve got a lot of beauty tips here for you that will help you relieve jet lag on the go and be as refreshed and glowing as ever on the other side of your transatlantic flight.

Hydrate from the inside out.
Did you know that the average humidity on an airplane is only 15%, desert-like? Let’s be honest, the air humidity in your home is usually around 50%. In other words, your body loses moisture in flight from breathing – so you need to hydrate.
So be sure to bring your favorite reusable bottle (preferably a bougie, fancy one like this Glacce Crystal Water Bottle, $80, for that extra good vibe with your good hydration). And keep drinking water. Even if you need a cup of coffee (or wine, ahem), be sure to ask the flight attendant to refill your water bottle and keep drinking H2O…. Like 5 times the amount you normally drink.

Add supplements to your water.
These Cure Hydration Main Squeeze Mix Stick Packs, $14.99, add all-natural electrolytes to your water. They brag about being as hydrating as vein drips, plus, they are super delicious!

Give your face some love.
Your poor skin needs moisturizing too. That’s The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5, $6.80. Massage it in before the flight, but reapply it in the bag occasionally throughout the flight.

Block out those rays.
Did you know you’re exposed to UV rays when you’re flying? It’s true, and that’s why you need a moisturizer (did we already dunk you?). Check out multitasking SPF moisturizers like Drunken Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30, $34, to defend against those pesky free radicals and keep your skin hydrated.

The eye has it.
Dark circles can become a real problem on the fly, so expel them with soothing eye treatments like the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra Nutrition Manuka Honey Eye Cream, $24.99. This gentle formula has 2 key ingredients: caffeine that tightens blood vessels and hyaluronic acid that wicks away all moisture. Coupled with a cool tumbler, it can wake up your under eye area and leave you looking refreshed and refreshed.

Spray, my dear.
Even if you hydrate properly before the flight, your skin will probably appreciate the in-flight boost. This Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Facial Spray, $12.99, is a doctor’s order. Spray your face every few hours.

Don’t forget the lips.
It is important to keep your lips hydrated; cracked, dry lips look bad and feel worse. Luckily, it’s Mario Badescu Lip Balm, $8, to the rescue, for long-lasting lip hydration (and bonus, it doubles as gloss).

Turn off the TV.
If you’re on a long flight, do yourself a favor and grab some ZZZ! Take some time to sleep instead of (or after, let’s be realistic) watching a movie. Sleep is good for your skin and immune system. If you’re always woken up by neck lice, try the Trtl Pillow, $29.99. It’s basically a woolly little brother with an internal support system to support your neck. It doesn’t take up much space and is machine washable.

Boost your immune system.
Bad news, the recirculated air on the plane is full of germs. The good news is that you can fend off those pesky diseases. Help your immune system with a few drops of Rejuvica Health MunoMax, $34.